Average Weekly Training Hours 08:02
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:02
Training Load By Week
Sample Day 1
Master Swim

Sample Day 2
Strength Training

stationary bike or treadmill for 10 min
then do 4-6 minutes of dynamic stretching
Then do 2x10 of the following
leg press
hamstring curl with ball
chest press on ball
push ups
lat pull down-straight arm
tricep push down
abs (4-5)
end with 10 min of easy jogging or spinning

Sample Day 3
extensive endurance cycling

easy to steady riding
try to get outside if possible, if you can't get outside, practice shifting the gears several times to simulate outside riding
zone 2/aerobic
RPE=3-4 out of 10
Cadence is 85+

Sample Day 3
swim on own or master swim

If you swim on own becaus of Ladies Night, do the following workout:
wu:500 easy dps
4x50 drill/swim (15)
4x50 build each 50
ms: 300 steady
6x100 as 25 easy/50 steady/25 easy (15)
200 pull steady
6x75 as 25 easy/25 steady/25 hard (15)
100 kick
8x25 HARD
cd:200 easy choice of strokes

Sample Day 4

wu:20-30 min steady with a few pick ups at random
ms:5x4min as 30 sec strong, 3 min steady (high zone 2/low zone3, 30 sec strong on 2:30 RI
cd:20 min easy spin

Sample Day 5
10 miles with group

10 miles
easy to steady
add 3-5 20 sec strides at random
conversational pace
quick turnover, slight forward lean, relaxed upper body

Sample Day 6
extensive endurance cycling

2-3 hrs outside
cadence is 85+
Let the terrain dictate the pace
smooth pedal stroke/relaxed upper body