Summer Competition

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:32
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:32
Training Load By Week
Sample Day 1
Basic Endurance Ride

Total Duration: 1:30- 2 hours
See how the weather is- just try to start getting out there on the bike, logging some miles, adding to base. Doesn't have to be 'hard' riding. Just comfortable, try to ride steady, not a lot of coasting but no going anaerobic on uphills either.

Sample Day 2
Trail Running

Preferably trail...maybe Robinson Woods or Gull Crest or...
55 minutes, easy, soft surface, no pace goals.
Just enjoy.

Sample Day 4
Speed Work

Duration is approximate
Warm Up
15-20 minutes easy build to steady and finish with 3 x 30 second quick, accelerations.
Main Set
3 x 800- go for a BUILD on this- so finish STRONG.
2 x 400- steady/hard at 5K pace
* rest= 1 lap or 2 min if on road- jog
Cool Down
Solid 20 minutes of running easy
Recover perfectly with hydration and carb/protein within 30 min.

Sample Day 5
2000 yard easy

Warm Up 100 pull buoy 100 kick with fins if you have them 100 swim Main Set 4 x 25 easy/drill 4 x 75 steady swim 2 x 100 pull buoy 2 x 100 swim 2 x 100 kick with fins 2 x 100 swim 2 x 100 pull buoy Cool Down 200 easy

Sample Day 5
Core and basic strength

3 x 50 stretch cordz- swimmers pull 3 x 1 min plank 3 x 10 push ups 3 x 10 lunges with 5 lb weights- good form 3 x 10 box dumbell step-up - 5 lb weights **Begin with one foot on the box and the other on the ground with the dumbbells at the sides of the body. Push off the foot on the box and rotate the opposite foot on the box. 3 x 10 dumbbell tricep kick backs **Begin with the feet shoulder width apart and arms in a flexed position by the side of the body. Slowly extend each arm behind you as far as they will go. Repeat as desired.

Sample Day 6
Extensive Endurance Run session

Volume/Distance: 35 minutes
Insert at random : 3-5 20sec strides/pick ups.
Goal: run frequency and consistency, improve run durability
Pace: best standalone 5K Pace + 1:30 to 2min per mile : conversation effort
HR: heart rate should settle near low to mid Zone 2 as the run progresses.
Focus: form, turnover, relaxed upper body.

Sample Day 7
100s, long RI

WU: 50 swim, 50 kick, 100 swim, 50 kick, 200 drills, 50 swim fast. MS: 5 x 100 very fast (30”). 50 kick easy. 5 x 100 very fast (30”). 50 kick easy. 1 x 100 fastest of workout. CD: 200 easy swim. Total—1900

Carrie McCusker
PBM Coaching

As life gets busier and responsibilities grow, often the ability to incorporate regular athletic training into the day diminishes. Hiring the right coach who understands time constraints and focuses on your unique experience, time availability and goals will allow you to pursue personal bests in efficient, effective ways. Using proven endurance methods coupled with specific, repeatable, sustainable daily workouts I develop plans for the individual seeking to achieve their goals.