Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:33
Sample Day 1
HIM pace sets

wu:30 min easy to steady, finish with 3x1min STRONG pick ups
ms:2x10 min at high zone 2/low zone 3 on 5 min spin recovery: cadence is 85+
cd:20 min easy

Sample Day 2
Half Mary Pace sets

WU:20min gradual build to steady with 3x30 second strong pick ups at end.
MS: do 2min at the following paces with a 2min easy jog inbetween. (10 sec slower than half mary pace, race pace, 10 sec faster than half mary race pace)
CD:at least 10 min easy

Sample Day 3
extensive endurance run

easy 30 min
conversational pace
insert 3-5 20 sec strides at random
Perfect form!

Sample Day 3
Core strength

stretch cordz do 3x 15 repeats
planks 2-3 for 30 sec hold
side planks 2-3 3 rounds for 30 sec hold
push ups do 2x10-12
hip bridges on stability ball do 2x15

Sample Day 4
extensive endurance cycling

zone 2 cycling
cadence is 85+
smooth pedal stroke and a relaxed upper body

Sample Day 5

super easy
do 2-3 x10 sec strides
conversational pace

Sample Day 6
Optional swim

mixed 100's all easy