Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:38
Sample Day 1

emailed swim workout

Sample Day 3
High Intensity Reps

WU:25 min easy, gradual build
MS:3x1min ALL OUT, then 1 min spin lightly
5 minutes inbetween these efforts
CD:25 min+ easy spin...

Sample Day 4
extensive endurance run

30 min easy to steady
insert 3-5 20 strides/pick ups
Goal:run frequency and durabilty
pace=best standalone 5k pace +1:30 to 2 min per mile
conversation effort
Focus:form, turnover, relaxed upper body

Sample Day 4

stationary bike or treadmill for 10 min
then do 4-6 minutes of dynamic stretching
Then do 2x15 of the following
leg press
hamstring curl with ball
calf lifts
chest press on ball
push ups
lat pull down-straight arm
tricep push down
abs (4-5)
end with 10 min of easy jogging or spinning

Sample Day 5
Hill Pick ups

wu-at least 15 min easy running
Ms-4x20 second STRONG efforts on an incline
concentrate on good form and pawing action. jog 2-3 minutes inbetween these.
CD-10-15 minutes easy jog

Sample Day 6
extensive endurance cycling

zone 2 heart rate
primarily aerobic session
rpe=2-5 out of 10
cadence is 85+

Sample Day 6
Core Strength and stretch cordz

stretch cordz do 3x 15 repeats
planks 2-3 for 30 sec hold
side planks 2-3 3 rounds for 30 sec hold
push ups do 2x10-12
hip bridges on stability ball do 2x15