Power Ballet Balance & Turns

Average Weekly Training Hours 01:56
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 01:56
Training Load By Week

Welcome to the 4 Week Better Ballet Balance & Turns Training Program! I am so excited to start this journey with you towards creating a strong, well rounded ballet body.

You will be emailed your workouts daily. Each email will include;
•Exercise name.
•Link to the video or photo on how to perform the exercise (if necessary).
•Equipment needed.
•Number of sets.
•Amount of repetitions.

The following workouts contain a 4 week strength and conditioning training program for an intermediate to advanced dancer looking to improve their technique. (Please note that ballet classes are not included in this program.) Please use your best judgement when performing these exercises and stop if you experience any unusual type of pain.

Okay, Let's get started NOW!

Sample Day 2
Basic Plank Workout

Goal: Today's workout is a quick core workout. It will consist of plank exercises. You can even perform these exercise prior to your ballet class as a warm up.

Sample Day 4
Glute Workout

Goal: Today's workout focuses on strengthening the glutes or "butt" muscles for jumps and turns. The strength in your glutes is essentially what elevates you in your jumps and hold you strong in your turns.

Sample Day 5
Perfect Pirouette Primer

Goal: Today you are going to work on your pirouettes in the studio or at home. You decide whether or not you wear pointe shoes for this exercise.

Sample Day 6
Abs with a ball

Goal: Today we will be working on abdominal conditioning. All of the exercises you will do today will utilize a weightless ball and/or a 3-5lb weighted ball.

Sample Day 8
Obliques with Lats

Goal: Today's workout will target the oblique abdominal muscles and the latissimus dorsi muscles. The obliques help stabilize the and center the core in turns and can help correct alignment issues during balance. The latissimus dorsi muscles (more commonly called "lats") are the muscles that hold your arms strong and round in pirouettes. A proper positioning of the arms in turns can make or break the success of the turn.

Sample Day 10
Legs & Core Workout

Goal: Today's workout will consist of both leg and abdominal exercises. During this workout you will be moving from one body part to the next as to not fatigue one particular part of the body too much at once.

Sample Day 12
Advanced Plank Workout

Goal: Today's workout will consist of various plank exercises for a complete, solid core.