Dave Scott's Sprint Distance Triathlon Training Plan for the Novice (10 Weeks, Race Day Saturday)


Dave Scott, 6X Ironman World Champion

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10 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Other, 3 Swim, 3 Bike, 3 Run, 3 Day Off

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dave scott headshotDesigned for the NOVICE athlete, this is a 10-week program by Dave Scott - 6x Ironman World Champion and National Triathlon Coach for Team in Training.

Dave designed this program for the beginner or developing athlete. No experience is necessary in any of the disciplines, just a willingness to allocate 3 to 7 hours per week of training.

The entire 10-week program is progressive in distance and workload for all 3 disciplines. Your confidence in completing a sprint distance race will be reinforced throughout the entire program. Dave has also included different brick combinations that will reinforce your confidence as the weeks fly by.

This program may be set to start or end at any time for a goal race that takes place on a Saturday. If your race is on Sunday, please chose the Sunday version of Dave's plan.

Included: This plan comes with Dave’s comprehensive Triathlon Training Plan Guide explaining Dave’s training methodology and all the workout terminology plus video training tips by Dave covering optimal fueling, proper pacing, mental training tactics, race day strategy and more!

Questions? Please visit Dave on the web at davescottinc.com or email: info@davescottinc.com.

Dave Scott

Dave Scott Inc.

Former National Coach for Team in Training, swim, run bike technique, trouble shooting training plans, power to endurance sport program development, nutrition, triathlon, strength and injury prevention

Triathlon camps, clinics and seminars 1hr 30min fitness and nutrition consultations 2hr-3 day bike fit, swim/bike/run biomechanics analysis, video analysis, strength and injury prevention programs, training plan review w/ athlete or coach. Motivational Speaking/Corporate Keynote Speaking

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Sample Day 1

Week 1

Welcome to the start of your training plan by Dave Scott!

Download Dave's "Triathlon Training Plan Guide" by clicking on the paper clip icon above then selecting the file. The guide gives detailed instruction on how to use your training plan.

Please refer to Training Guide for additional details on swim, bike, and run sessions.

Please Note: The 3 sessions per week discipline should be spaced out, based on your work and activity schedule. However, doing 2 or 3 sessions on one day is fine. This would be an exceptional training day. A day off the following day would be advised.

Sample Day 1


MS: 20 x 25 RI As needed

Sample Day 1


4 miles Easy

Sample Day 1


Walk 2 1/2', Run 30", Repeat 4x

Sample Day 2

Day Off

Day off.

Sample Day 2

Mental Training Tips: Goal Setting

Dave Scott discusses importance of short term goals and offers goal setting tips. View video: http://youtu.be/jDF4fi7-In0 (copy and paste link into your browser)

Sample Day 3

Swimming Tip: Body Position During Freestyle Swimming

Dave Scott shares body position training tips for freestyle. View video: http://youtu.be/4QHvtjM0zRc (copy and paste link into your web browser)

Dave Scott's Sprint Distance Triathlon Training Plan for the Novice (10 Weeks, Race Day Saturday)

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