Dave Scott's Ultimate Olympic Distance Training Plan (Novice - Sunday Race, 10 Weeks)


Dave Scott, 6x Ironman World Champion

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10 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Other, 3 Swim, 2 Bike, 2 Run, 1 Day Off, 1 Brick

Longest Workout

2:15 hrs

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dave scott headshotDesigned for the FITNESS to COMPETITIVE athlete, this is a 10-week program by Dave Scott - 6x Ironman World Champion and National Triathlon Coach for Team in Training - for athletes with a previous Olympic (International) distance triathlon race time of 3 to 5 hours.
Dave has designed this program starting with moderate aerobic workouts, progressing into race-simulated sets. The 3 weekly workouts per discipline build from 7 hours up to 10 hours prior to tapering so that your confidence and ability will peak at your event. Monitoring your brick workouts that have been inserted into the program will provide another platform to truly evaluate your race day potential. Friday is the designated day off.

This program may be set to start or end at any time for a goal race that takes place on a Sunday. If your race is on Saturday, please chose the Saturday version of Dave's plan.

This program can be adjusted to fit your shortened training schedule if you miss the first few weeks. If you can complete 70%+ of the workouts, you will see results through race-simulated sets and bricks that replicate the physical and psychological tests of your race.

Dave has made this a fun, challenging and confidence-building program for your Olympic distance race.
Included: This plan comes with Dave’s comprehensive Triathlon Training Plan Guide explaining Dave’s training methodology and all the workout terminology plus video training tips by Dave covering optimal fueling, proper pacing, mental training tactics, race day strategy and more!

Questions? Please visit Dave on the web at davescottinc.com or email: info@davescottinc.com.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:45
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:45
Average Weekly Breakdown

Dave Scott

Dave Scott Inc.

Former National Coach for Team in Training, swim, run bike technique, trouble shooting training plans, power to endurance sport program development, nutrition, triathlon, strength and injury prevention

Triathlon camps, clinics and seminars 1hr 30min fitness and nutrition consultations 2hr-3 day bike fit, swim/bike/run biomechanics analysis, video analysis, strength and injury prevention programs, training plan review w/ athlete or coach. Motivational Speaking/Corporate Keynote Speaking

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Sample Day 1


WU: 300 (Repeat 4X: alternate 2 lengths FR + 1 length BK or BR)

MS: Repeat 3X: (3 x 50 + 150)
RI 50's 15", 150 20"

Sample Day 2


WU: 10′ start in a low gear then 5′ with 45″ seated in TTG + 15″ standing in TTG.

MS: All LG (A) - hold cadence 96-104 rpms.

Sample Day 2


WU: Walk / light jog for 10′ until HR is aerobic (A).

Walk/Run for 50' Notes: Track walking time and note average HR over final 10'

Sample Day 3


WU: 200 choice + 4 X 50 alternate lengths FR with regular breathing pattern and FR breathing to the off side.

MS: Repeat 3X: (4 x 75 + 100)
RI 75 10", 100 20"

Sample Day 4


WU: Repeat 6x: Walk 30″/Run 45″ Each walk/run segment is slightly faster.

MS: Hill Walk/Run for 12'

Notes: Note heart rate at top of hill. Select a hill that requires 12' of climbing. This maybe a 2' hill with a jog down 6X.

SS: 20' flat (A)

Sample Day 6


WU: 200 FR + 8 X 25 FR RI 15″. Build up each 25.

MS: Long Marker Set
Goal: 900 straight

RI *If rest needed, note rest time.

Sample Day 6

Bike Marker Set

WU: 15′ of build up to Aerobic (A) heart rate to include the final 5′ in a fast (LG) rpm.

Marker Set: 6 x 7'
RI 1' Notes: Odds LG, Evens- TTG, Note heart rate at end of each repeat, Moderate to hard pace.

Dave Scott's Ultimate Olympic Distance Training Plan (Novice - Sunday Race, 10 Weeks)

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