P90X2 Ver 3

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:20
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:20
Training Load By Week

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This Version is setup as follows:

Phase 1 for 4 weeks
Phase 2 for 3 weeks
Rest week on week 8
Phase 3 for 2 weeks
Rest week on week 11
Phase 3 for 2 weeks

Use this schedule if you don't need a rest week until you are done with phase 1 and 2 and need more rest in the performance phase.

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Get blown away by your visible results. AND performance.

P90X2™ continues the Muscle Confusion™ with the latest cutting-edge training technique used by pro sports trainers. Twelve workouts help you focus on your abs/core, powerful athletic function, and lightning-bolt agility. Expect to chisel your body and virtually blast right through your plateaus.

Here's what you get with P90X2:

12 breakthrough, muscle-challenging workouts –

X2 Core. Works your core using instability. Master this routine for overall improved movement.
Plyocide. Explosive movements combined with mind and coordination drills for super speed/endurance.
X2 Recovery + Mobility. Realign your body with a foam-rolling technique and complete stretching routine.
X2 Total Body. Push your body to use the correct muscles and proper form to handle resistance and instability challenges.
X2 Yoga. Increase your isometric power and range of motion and build stabilizer muscle strength.
X2 Balance + Power. Push your limits through strength and explosive movements while improving alignment.
Chest + Back + Balance. Achieve superior strength gains over those achieved through traditional weight training by working on unstable platforms.
X2 Shoulders + Arms. Keep your shoulders and arms strong and in balance to help minimize your risk of injury.
Base + Back. Give your two largest muscle groups a super workover with a pull-up and plyo extravaganza.
P.A.P. Lower. Give your lower body a cutting-edge workout with four-round complexes that boost performance.
P.A.P. Upper. Regain your youth with Post-Activation Potentiation training for your upper body.
X2 Ab Ripper. Upgrade your concept of what an ab workout should be with a series of demanding core movements.

Sample Day 1
P90X2 X2 Core

Sample Day 2
P90X2 Plyocide

Sample Day 3
P90X2 X2 Recovery and Mobility

Sample Day 4
P90X2 X2 Total Body

Sample Day 4
P90X2 X2 Ab Ripper

Sample Day 5
P90X2 X2 Yoga

Sample Day 6
P90X2 X2 Balance and Power