Olympic Taper (1 wk)


Kevin Coady

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2 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Bike, 2 Swim, 3 Run, 1 Day Off, 1 Other, 1 Race

Longest Workout

0:30 hrs

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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 01:00
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 01:00
Average Weekly Breakdown

Kevin Coady

Team TriForce


  • Ironman / Half Ironman
  • Kona and 70.3 Worlds qualifications
  • Busy Athletes (10 hours per week IM / HIM training plans, 1 hour per day offseason plans)
  • IMCDA, Kona, IMAZ, Wildflower, Oceanside

I offer online coaching packages ranging from $99 to $349 per month. For more information visit www.triforceteam.com

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Sample Day 1


Warm Up

300 easy, 15 rest
25 drill, 25 swim, 15 rest
25 drill, 25 swim

Main Set:


300 steady (T+5-10), 20 rest
200 tempo (T+3), 20 rest
100 threshold (T pace); 30 rest

watch your paces for each rep-- your times for the 4th set shouldn't be slower than your times for the first set! If they are, then you need to hone your sense of pace.

Cool down

100-300 easy, with optional drilling, back stroke or 2 arm back stroke

Sample Day 5

easy spin

spin easy 30 min just to get the blood flowing

Olympic Taper (1 wk)

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