Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:01
Sample Day 1
4 mile steady transition run (optional)

run 4 miles steady

Sample Day 1
(5a) steady then 4*10 sweet spot

warm up then (if you have time) do 1 hour of 91s (9 steady, 1 easy) @ 65-70% of theshold then..

4*10 min sweet spot (olympic distance effort 88-94% of threshold), 3 recovery

Start each rep @ 80% of threshold & gradually build to target power over the first 2 minutes.

Outdoors: do 4*10 min sweet spot within a 1-2 hour ride.

Cool down or trans run.

Sample Day 2

warm up

400 easy, 20 r
2*200 steady (20 r)
4*50 (25 drill, 25 swim)

then do 5*(3*100), all on 15 rest

within each 3*100 (#1 steady, #2 tempo, #3 threshold)

you can take 15 extra rest between each set

cool down w/ 200 easy w/ optional back stroke

if you want to do extra add up to 1000 easy to lower steady swimming broken up any way you want (you can also use paddles / pull buoy if you prefer)

Sample Day 2
(3) 3*10 HIM Speed Reps

warm up then run 60 minutes (upper easy to lower steady) with 3*10 minutes of HIM paced running mixed in (tempo / open marathon pace for most racers)

Sample Day 3
82s - tempo ride

Warm up 10 minutes then do 3-4*30 minutes 82s

do the following 3-4 times
3*(8 min tempo / z3, 2 easy)
(#1- 90+ cadence, #2, 65-70 cadence, #3 choice)
sitting up for :15 at 2 & 6 minutes, out of the saddle for :15 at 4 minutes

if you only have an hour or so, do the reps at a sweet spot effort

cool down

outdoors- do a 2- 2.5 hour tempo ride being sure to mix in a few minutes of easy recovery a few times during the ride

Sample Day 3
30-40 trans run (optional)

run 30-40 min easy to lower steady after your ride (or at a different time of day if you can't do it after your ride). Mix in some walking.

Sample Day 4
Run working uphills

If your legs are overly tired, just do a recovery run.

Run 60-90 min with up to 30 minutes of hill climbing in your tempo to threshold zone. (Or do a long warmup followed by 30 min worth of hill reps if that's more convenient).

Cool down.

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