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Strength Training for Triathlon - 19 weeks - Intermediate and Advanced

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Strength Training for Triathlon - 19 weeks - Intermediate and Advanced


Mikael Eriksson, Founder & Head Coach @ Scientific Triathlon, host of That Triathlon Show podcast

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19 Weeks

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19-week plan based on the practical experience and science of what sort of strength training makes triathletes, runners, and cyclists faster. Two workouts per week, 45 minutes each (can be up to 60 minutes if you have time).



This plan is based on the science and practical experience of what sort of strength training makes triathletes, runners, and cyclists faster.

You could easily use and re-use this program for years and years to come and keep seeing benefits. Your starting point will just be better and better each time.

If you're unsure if you can commit to 2 gym sessions per week, feel free to do one session per week, making this program 38 weeks long rather than 19. Your improvements will be more moderate and come more slowly, but they will be there, so it's still more than a worthwhile investment.

Now, how should triathletes train in the gym for it to translate to faster times in the water, on the bike, and the run?

The answer: low-rep, high-weight lifting.

Add in some explosive lifting with lower weights and plyometrics, mixed with the foundational elements of mobility, functional core strength and stability, and balance, and you have a recipe for significantly better performance in all three disciplines of triathlon.

For more information about the background and the principles underlying this program, see my in-depth article, Strength Training For Triathletes on Scientific Triathlon.

Or listen to my podcast episode on:



Each workout is structured as follows:

  • 10 min warm-up and mobilization (with 4 alternating mobilization routines).

  • 30 minutes of lifting, with two main lifts per day (two back squats, Romanian deadlifts, and barbell rows) and one supporting lift (one of lat pulldown, glute ham raise, and leg press).

  • 5-20 minutes of functional core strength, stability/rotational strength/balance, or plyometrics. These 3 elements alternate, and each of these elements has several routines so you won't do the same thing over and over again and stagnate.

The main strength training progression is very carefully designed to make sure you will continuously get stronger. If you are not getting stronger in the gym, you likely won't see any benefits on the race course, which is why the progression of the main lifts (using the Rep Ranges structure) is at the heart of this program.

If you have questions before buying this program email me at


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Mikael Eriksson - Founder of Scientific Triathlon, Host of That Triathlon Show

Scientific Triathlon

Mikael is the founder of Scientific Triathlon and host of the podcast That Triathlon Show. He has helped athletes from beginners to professionals achieve goals from completing their first triathlon through qualifying for World Championship events, qualifying for pro licenses and racing professionally. His training plans have been used by thousands of athletes with excellent results and fantastic feedback. They are some of the best-rated and best-selling plans on the Training Peaks marketplace.

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