02 - Intermediate Paddler 4Pdl (Outrigger and SUP)


April Zilg

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17 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Other, 1 Strength

Longest Workout

2:32 hrs

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4 Paddle workouts per week +2 Strength workouts
16 weeks of preparation to get paddlers ready for a 6-13 mile race.
Originally built for The Graveyard course at the Carolina Cup, this plan would be suitable for any paddler looking to commit to training daily. Expect the strength workouts to become difficult, and the on water work to peak with very high intensities. Volume will decrease as intensity increases, prepping you for your best race yet. In the event of inclement weather, perform the paddling exercises as another form of cardio i.e. biking or running. As written, Thursdays are off days and Sundays are long paddle days.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:05

April Zilg

Vanilla Gorilla Paddle Surf

April is a nationally-recognized SUP athlete and Hobie Team Rider, competing in both SUP Racing and SUP Surfing. She's held down the #10 spot in the world rankings for 2 years running, has top 10 finishes in Carolina Cup and the Pacific Paddle Games, and a 4th in the 2016 EuroTour.
Over the years, she taken training strategies from numerous coaches and athletes and merged them into a SUP paddling plan that works for her. She's recently started sharing her plans with other athletes.

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Sample Day 1

Max HR Paddle Test

To perform the Heart Rate (HR) test, you will need a HR Monitor. Although this isn’t the test you’ll find on websites and other paddle programs, it is the HR test I would like you to perform for the workouts we’ll be doing. "As always, before engaging any new exercise regimen or workout, especially if you are not used to regular exercise, it is important to consult with your primary care physician."

Heart Rate Test:

1. Don your heart rate monitor.

2. Start paddling. Warm up for 10 -15 minutes, gradually increasing your heart rate, but never letting it get difficult.

3. Perform 5 intervals. 1 minute on and 30 seconds off. Go as hard as you possibly can in each 1 min interval, even if you can’t keep up the intensity by the last one.

4. Upon completion of the intervals, cool down for 10+ minutes. Stretch when you get back to land/dock.

5. Review your HR monitor data. Find the interval with the highest Heart Rate and record that heart rate. This will be the number we use to determine your percentage for our training days!

Sample Day 4

Base 10x4

Sample Day 6

15x2 75%

Sample Day 8

Base 5x8

Saturday SkillSet:
Do one buoy turn at the start of each working piece.

Sample Day 9

2hr EZ

Sample Day 11

Base 10x4

Sample Day 13

12x2 80%

02 - Intermediate Paddler 4Pdl (Outrigger and SUP)

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