About this plan: The Sufferfest, Grunter von Agony, and all the Minions absolutely do not condone, agree with or support the presence of this plan. We are required by the United Nations, due to ongoing sanctions against Sufferlandria for ‘cruelty to humans,’ to include this plan to provide some ‘balance.’ Obviously, this is all down to Couchlandrian lobbying and we will have it removed as soon as possible.

Sample Day 1
Base-Line Donut Testing

To start things off right we need to measure how many donuts you can successfully eat during the day. We will revisit this test at the end of the plan.

Sample Day 2
Pre-Rest Day Rest Day

Ensure maximal rest to prepare yourself for tomorrows rest

Sample Day 3
Rest Day

Just as the name implies. Today you should rest!

Sample Day 4
Post-Recovery Recovery

Few rested as hard as you did yesterday, reward yourself with minimal activity today

Sample Day 5
4 x 20minute Nap repeats

Add in 4 x 20 minute naps throughout the day. Increasing number of naps or duration of naps is OKAY

Sample Day 6
Advanced Sleeping In

The goal today is to get a full 18 hours of sleep in. Ideally you wont even be awake until the early afternoon.
Okay to wake up intermittently to refill donut supplies

Sample Day 7
TV Binge

Load up your favorite Couchlandrian sit-com and see how deep you can sink into that couch.