Quick Lunch Swims

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week

Workouts are made for a quick swim at lunch. They are a variety of endurance, drill work, and speed work combined to help you improve your swim! These are perfect for the winter time training, when you want to focus on a weak part of your race! There are a total of 10 practices, some practices are recovery, and some will really get you moving! Don’t be afraid to try these out! They will be over before you know it.

Sample Day 1

4x50 desc. 1-4

4x100 AFAP @R 1:00

2200 yards

Sample Day 3

300 swim
100 kick
100 drill
12x25 variable speeds

8x50 (25 fast/25 easy)
200 AFAP

200 easy

1800 yards

Sample Day 5

400 free alt. 50 swim 50 k on sides
300 pull with paddles
200 (25 skull, 25 fist drill, 25 6 kick switch, 25 swim –build)

8x50 1-4 desc@R:20, 5-8 hold fast pace @R:10

200 AFAP get time
2x175 @ 200 times
100 AFAP get time
2x75 @ 100 time
50 AFAP get time
2x25 @50 time

2200 yards

Sample Day 8

200 swim
200 kick
200 pull

100 swim
100 kick
100 pull

50 swim
50 kick
50 pull

16x25 drills w/ fins@R:20
4-rotation drill
4-r arm
4- l arm
4 6k switch

1450 yards

Sample Day 10

500 swim (long and loose)
200 kick on sides
8x25 build each@R:15

8x25 fins and paddles AFAP@R:10--right into—200 swim fast (no equipment, get time)
R 1:00
6x25 fins and paddles AFAP@R:10--right into 150 swim fast (no equipment, get time)
R: 45
4x25 fins and paddles AFAP@R:10--right into 100 swim fast (no equipment, get time)
R: 30
2x25 fins and paddles AFAP@R:05--right into 50 swim fast (no equipment, get time)

100 easy

2000 yards

Sample Day 12

300 s/k/d by 25
200 pull (no paddles)
8x50 odds: d/s evens: s/build

4x100 k w/fins AFAP @R:15-20
4x50 Swim AFAP no fins @R:05
3x100 pull breath 3/5/7/9 by 25@R:15-20
3x50 swim breath 3/5 by 25 OR 5/7 by 25@R:15
2x100 k w/fins on side (50 R+50L)@R:15-20
2x50 swim w/ fins MONSTER KICK @R:15
1x100 easy
1x50 choice drill

2400 yards

Sample Day 15

200 free
200 kick
200 pull
200 drills

4x25 long strokes@R:20
6x25 pick up tempo@R:15
8x25 moderate intensity@R:10
10x25 FAST@R:05
12x25 drill (3-rotation, 3-R arm, 3 L arm, 3 6 k switch)@R:20-30

1800 yards