6 week swim boost plan Sprint & Olympic

Average Weekly Training Hours 02:07
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 02:07
Training Load By Week

For less than $5 a week, or around £4 you get a dedicated swim speed improvement plan, 6 weeks, including test and retest week one and week 7. Add this to a free basic Training Peaks account or download to your existing account *You will need a finis tempo trainer pro* (one of the world's best swim speed aids), which you can obtain from many outlets online. The time and distance swam is less important than learning to swim at a sustainable pace using the tempo. If you are good with a pool clock you may use this but its a lot simpler just to swim with an audible beep in your ear. Suitable for Sprint and Olympic swimmers, probably capable of swimming front crawl / freestyle 750m. Please note that this plan is interval based POOL swim plan. Full calculator access and drills are included. The plan uses CSS created by Swim Smooth, Performance partner for the ITU and British Triathlon. Each session is detailed to obtain the maximum performance gain.

Sample Day 1
Swim CSS benchmark

Warm up fully in a 25 or 50m pool
Perform a steady but hard 400m swim, strong push offs, and record time in minutes and seconds,
Recover fully
Perform a steady but hard 200m swim, strong push offs, and record time in minutes and seconds
Go here
The result is the speeds you should be working at for your quality swim set a week. Working here will improve your swim speed at a level that will not wear you out. Short recoveries are the key. When you see a CSS swim down then follow the instructions, using your times gained from here.
Record your CSS time or swim times below

Sample Day 3
CSS Swim 1 OR 2 Reps

Complete the following: General Warm up Easy for 100 Then all at your CSS time 100 15s rest 200 30s rest 300 45s rest 200 30s rest 100 Work at 1 rep of all of the above then building to 2

Sample Day 5
CSS Mix Up

Warm up: 4x100m FS (+5 seconds rest after each 100m). Focus on
exhalation and Bilateral breathing every 3 or 5 strokes
Build set: 8x25m (+5 rest sec) swimming with an ankle band or wearing shorts, overcome the resistance or drag issues by focusing on
optimising your catch and pull and streamlining your body and leg positioning. Stay ‘in the moment’ on each length and focus on
improving efficiency a bit further each time
main set: 200m FS swim as a negative split, starting out below CSS pace and increasing speed to swim at CSS on the second 100m +15 sec (rest at end)
4x50m PULL @ CSS pace +10 sec. Deep water starts, no wall pushoffs, work on accelerating stroke rhythm
200m FS swim as positive split, going out faster than CSS on the first
100m, then settling into CSS pace on the second 100m +15 sec rest
4x100m PULL @ CSS pace +10 sec
200-400m as accelerating every 30m for 6 strokes OR with partner drafting practice changing lead every 50m
cool down: 100-200 easy, incorporate at least 50m BS

Sample Day 6
Swim Drills short

Warm up Front skull 25m alternating kick 25m x 2 (high elbows) Straight dog paddle, 25m alternating with rock and roll 25m x4 (Dog Paddle - arms extend in front, only forearms move down and back, pulling and pushing the water back, tip fingers down) (Rock and Roll - catch up, hands level, rock hip, catch and pull, back to catch up, repeat other side) 2 x Torpedos, 25m on right, using left arm with correct catch and pull, alternate with 25m on left - keep elbows high above the water, do slowly) (repeat, this time changing sides every 4 strokes for 100m) 4 x25m windsprints - 25m crawl with no breath, 25 rest

Sample Day 6
Lovetri Swim Drills

Please select 3-5 drills to do over 400-600m before starting main session, include Eleven wherever possible Click paper clip to download

Sample Day 9
CSS Red Mist Escalator Short BB

Warm up Any, use Lovetri drills, 200

4x 100m at CSS pace
3x 100m at CSS pace
2x 100m at CSS pace
1x 100m at CSS pace

Sample Day 11
CSS Sprints Short

Warm Up 600-800
200 E Swim
200 Easy drills of choice (click on paperclip)
200 E Swim with pull buoy
(optional 200 swim with fins)

All swam at CSS pace, so your last 50m will get you additional rest, count the 15 secs from the last beep 750
50 (sprinting last 50) +15s before the next block
50 (sprinting last 50) +15s before the next block
50 (sprinting last 50) +15s before the next block
50 (sprinting last 50) +15s before the next block
50 (sprinting the 50) +15s 1x 50 easy

Easy warm down any stroke 100

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