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David Mottola, Dan German, Nich Lee Parker

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rowing beginner intermediate advanced masters weightloss time goal multi day power based hr based pace based tss based strength base period

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Plan Description

Purchasing this plan engages us for a 30 minute video/phone review to assist in onboarding or review your training. This may be done independently or in coordination with another of our plans.

The plan includes setting up what information is needed before the session, which will occur through email. Total time for the coach is typically a full hour to review information, speak with you, and provide followup guidance related to the call as necessary.


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Nich Lee Parker

Lions Rowing, LLC & Sparks Consulting
  • Lions Rowing, LLC seeks to create an environment where athletes develop from who they are, into who they may become. Transformation through training is a central tenant of our philosophy. Training plans are maturation and experience dependent, ensuring optimal growth and development.

  • Nich Lee Parker leads Lions Rowing, LLC. He collaborates with up and coming coaches on all plans, with the goal of improving the overall rowing community through applied sport science and proven best practices.

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