Off Season Cross Training 8 Weeks (No Cycling)

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Off Season Cross Training 8 Weeks (No Cycling)


Hunter Allen & Peaks Coaching Group

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8 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Day Off, 3 Strength, 2 Run, 1 X-Train, 1 Rowing, 1 Swim

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs

Plan Specs

fitness beginner intermediate advanced masters strength base period

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Off Season Cross Training 8 Weeks (No Cycling) is an 8 week plan designed for the Cyclist or Triathlete who can train 7-8 hours per week (excluding Rest Weeks).

The season has ended, but it's important to keep some general fitness through the off season. Also, now is the time to build a strong foundation for next season. This plan includes no cycling but offers alternative workouts to maintain fitness and build strength in the off season.

Designed and written by Hunter Allen, former pro cyclist, co-Founder of Training Peaks and WKO, co-author of Training and Racing with a Power Meter and Cutting-Edge Cycling and Founder and CEO of Peaks Coaching Group. The Workouts included in these pioneering and ruthlessly vetted Training Plans are the same Workouts that Hunter uses with his own Clients. Battle tested and podium approved.

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Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:30
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:30
Average Weekly Breakdown

Sample Day 1


Power Cycle Workout 1

1. Walking Lunges 3 x 10
2. Bulgarian Squat 2 x 8
3. Pull Up 2 x 10
4. Push Up 2 x 15
5. Plank 4 x 45 Seconds
6. Physio Ball Back Extensions 2 x 10
7. Dumbbell (Kettlebell) Squat 2 x 10
8. Platform Depth Jumps 1 x 8
9. Long Jumps 1 x 8
10. Barrier Lateral Jumps 1 x 8
11. Dumbbell/Kettlebell High Swing 2 x 8

Sample Day 2


Go to the local High School or College stadium with the most stairs.

Easy running 5-10 minutes to warm up.
Do 30 minutes of stairs, walk, run, crawl...whatever, just up and down. Set an attainable goal and go for it. E.g. complete 20 bottom to top stair climbs. Running up stairs is good cross training for cyclist, as it's similar to the pedaling motion!
If you don't have stairs, find a good hill.

Cool down.

Sample Day 2


Alternate Workout to Stairs
You can use a stair-master or similar exercise machine if you don't have access to or can't use a stadium. Alternate 8 minutes hard/ 5 minutes easy x 3.

Sample Day 3


Power Cycle Workout 2

1. Dumbbell/Kettlebell Squat 2 x 10
2. Jack Knife on a Ball 2 x 10
3. Dips 3 x 10
4. Pull Ups 2 x 10
5. Ball Roll Out 2 x 20
6. Regular Superman 2 x 20
7. Depth Jumps Vertical 1 x 8
8. Hurdle Jumps 1 x 8
9. Box Shuffle 1 x 8
10. Single Leg Chop 2 x 10

Sample Day 4


Row 30 minutes broken into 5x5 minutes. Rest 1 minute between efforts.
Start the first 5 minute effort easy.
Increase your effort in each consecutive 5 minute work interval making the last effort the strongest.

Sample Day 4


Break your swim up as continuous swimming can be monotonous.
4x400 meters at a comfortable effort. Push a little harder on the last two if you're feeling up for it. Rest 60 seconds between each 400.

Sample Day 5

PC Cycle 3

Saturday and Sunday can be swapped.
Power Cycle Workout 3

1. Step ups 2 x 10
2. Side Bridge Hip Abduction 2 x 10
3. Bent Over Row 2 x 10 each Arm
4. Dumbbell Chest Press 3 x 8
5. Plank 4 x 45 seconds
6. Rear Inclines 3 x 30 Seconds
7. Staircase Jumps 1 x 10
8. Vertical Jumps 1 x 8
9. Lateral Bound 1 x 8
10. Plank Shuffle 1 x 20

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