Minimal Equipment Strength

Strength Plan 4 weeks

**Requires some gym equipment - Mat, Dumbbells of medium weight, looped band, resistance band, and optional stability ball. (4 Week Plan)

Strength Training plays a vital role in helping you progress in your running. You must keep your tendons, muscles, and joints strong in order to avoid injury.

This Strength Plan focuses on stability, balance, and strength. It consists of 4 strength days (Core, Lower, Upper, and Full body).

Each exercise has a video attached to show you how to safely maneuver each move safely and effectively.

Sample Day 1
Glute Build

Circuit 3-5 rounds

Dumbbell Deadlifts 20
Dumbbell Step Ups 20 (10 each side)
Plank Taps outs 10 per side
Single Leg Hip Thrust from Bench 20 (10 each side)
Lateral Band Walk 10 per side
REST 90 Seconds

Sample Day 2

Perform as a circuit; 30-90 seconds each 2-4x through. rest 60 sec at the end of each round.

Plank Hip Taps
Russian Twists
Criss Cross
Heel Taps

Sample Day 4
Runners Build 1

Circuit of 3-5 rounds

Lateral Leg Raise 12-15 per leg
Fire Hydrants 12-15 per leg
Donkey Kicks 12-15 per leg
Ball Wall Squat Sit 30-60 sec
Heel Drops 12-15 per leg
Side Lunge 12-15 per leg
REST 90 seconds; Repeat

Sample Day 6
Upper 1

3 Rounds 10-15
Push ups
2-3 Rounds
High Row 10-15
Burpee 8-10
2-3 Rounds
Side Raise 6-10
Tricep Dips 8-12
2-3 Rounds
Chest Fly 8-12
Back Fly 6-10

Sample Day 8
Lower 1

Starter 3 Times 10-15 per side
Hip Hikes
2-3 Rounds
Air Squat 15-20
Lateral Band Walk 12-15 each side
2-3 Rounds
Clock Lunge 6-8 per leg
Deadlift or Single leg deadlift 8-12 per leg
2-3 Rounds
Bird Dogs 12-15 per side
Calf Raise 15-20

Sample Day 9
Ab Build

2-5 Rounds
Plank w/shoulder taps 10 each side
Side plank raises 12 each side
Weighted Crunch 15
Plank Hip Twist 10 each side
Lying Leg Lift to Hip Raise 15

Sample Day 11
Runners Build 2

Circuite of 3-5 rounds
Hip Hikes 10-15 each side
Glute Bridge 10-15
Reverse Calf Raise 10-15
Opp. Arm Leg Raise 10-15 each side
Single Leg Balance Reach 8-12 per leg
Single Leg Chair Squat 5-8 each leg
REST 90 seconds; Repear

Amanda K Spinler
Pace Right Coaching LLC

Pace Right Coaching prides itself on tailoring progressive run plans, mixed with strength training, to ensure you hit your goals injury free. Sometimes, with all the running we do, we throw strength training to the wayside. Nonetheless, it’s essential in maintaining proper posture, diminishing muscle compensation, absorbing impact, and improving agility! Check out our Generic Training plans and if you're looking for something a little more custom, Contact us!