Advanced Yoga for Cyclists / Pair with 12 week plans following 2 weeks on, 1 week off


The Sufferfest


12 Weeks

Typical Week

6 X-Train

Longest Workout

0:25 hrs

Plan Specs

fitness beginner

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This plan is for Advanced yogis completing a training plan that is 12 weeks in length that follows a 2 weeks on, 1 week off progression.
These would include the Beginner and Intermediate Plans that integrate Strength training,
eSports plans designed for sub 20-minute races, or 20-50minute races.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 01:08

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Sample Day 1

Yoga: In Couchlandria: The Office

If you’re spending a lot of time sitting down in an office, stiffness, tension and soreness can creep into your body. That can affect your performance on the bike. This routine will counteract the damage done at the desk and ensure your body is ready to Suffer properly once you get on the bike.

Sample Day 2

Yoga: Mobilize and Activate I

Level: ✭✭✩
This routine is designed to loosen up the entire body and take you out of your habitual movement patterns. We flow through a series of standing yoga poses to simultaneously challenge your strength, flexibility and range of motion. Modification: If you find Triangle pose difficult, you can rest your hand on a block for support

Sample Day 3

Yoga: Hips and Hamstrings

Level: ✭✭✩
This routine is designed to open up the hips—the hip flexors, rotators and glutes—and stretch the hamstrings. We move through a series of lunges and finish with Lizard and Pigeon pose. You can practice it in the morning, before or after a ride. Experiment to see what works best for you. Modification: If you can’t reach the mat in Low Lunge with Sidebend, you can rest your bottom hand on a block.

Sample Day 5

Yoga: Balance and Agility I

Level: ✭✭✭
Maintaining effective cycling form when you’re under pressure requires substantial balance, coordination, agility and core strength. This series will develop those capabilities so you can better Suffer in style

Sample Day 6

Breathing More DEEPLY

Diaphragmatic Breathing is a calming exercise that encourages you to breathe deeply into your abdomen.

Sample Day 7

Breathing To CRUSH THEM

Perhaps the only people more Badass than Sufferlandrians are Navy Seals. And this is the breathing exercise that Navy Seals do to calm down and focus themselves before major operations. Learn and use this technique before heading into your own major events and races.

Sample Day 8

Yoga: Recovery Booster

Sufferfest sessions tear your body down. It’s in the periods between Sufferfest sessions, when you’re recovering, that you become more powerful. This session helps boost your recovery time, relaxing you and ensuring you give your body the chance to grow stronger.

Advanced Yoga for Cyclists / Pair with 12 week plans following 2 weeks on, 1 week off

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