True Cellular Detox Program by Ben Greenfield

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True Cellular Detox Program by Ben Greenfield

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

13 Strength, 33 Other, 2 X-Train

Plan Specs

fitness beginner intermediate advanced

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This entire 12 week full body detox contains every biohack, tip, trick, exercise, workout, cleanse and detox necessary for you to sculpt an amazing body and breakthrough fitness barriers while at the same time rebooting your entire human machine from head to toe.

Designed by America's top personal trainer, author, human performance consultant and biohacker Ben Greenfield, this program is unlike any other detox program in that you *won't* finish looking like a skinny, worn-out marathoner, or fat and out-of-shape, or having lost your muscles or your lung capacity or your passion for movement, sports and exploring the outdoors.

Instead, using the techniques Ben has developed - from sauna to rebounding to super-slow lifting to special tea blends and beyond - you'll get everything you need for an entire 12 weeks with zero guesswork. Simply open the day and "check-off" each item written for that specific day.

For even more benefit, pair this routine with the supplementation protocol and 90 day meal plan you will find at If you have any difficulties hunting down what you need, email

Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield

I coach groups, teams and individuals from around the world for triathlon, cycling, swimming, running, obstacle racing, adventure racing, bodybuilding, muscle gain, fat loss, anti-aging and cognitive performance.

A full list of my consultation, coaching and training services is at, where you can see my concierge Ultimate coaching , and also 20 and 60 minute consultation and pre-written training and nutrition plans.

Sample Day 1

Foundation Core Training

You're going to need the excellent book "TrueToForm" to do this properly. You can get it in Kindle or Hard Copy off Amazon at Read the whole book, and then do the M/W/F routine on MWF and the T/R/S routine on TRS EVERY week. This will take about 5-10 minutes per day.

Sample Day 1

Super Slow Routine, free weights (for beginner/intermediate)

Do this exact routine. You can substitute dumbbells or kettlebells instead of a barbell for any of the exercises:
To learn the rationale behind this routine, check this out:

Alternatively, if you are training for strength or size, you are an athlete, or you want something more difficult (warning: try the super slow routine first and move the weight'll be surprised at the difficulty!) then do the Strength Sets instead of this workout.

On the flipside, if you are already training with the more advanced program but you're sore or need an easier day, do the Super Slow routine instead.

Sample Day 1

Strength Sets Routine (for intermediate/advanced)

Warm-up for 5-10 minutes, preferably with a gymnastics routine, Animal Flow (, your Core Foundation routine, or anything else that dynamically prepares the body for movement and elevates the heart rate.

Next, choose from the "Strength" list below one Upper Body Push, one Lower Body Push, one Upper Body Pull, one Lower Body Pull, and one Full Body Move. Pair that exercise with one exercise from the "Core/Mobility" list.

Gradually adding weight and decreasing repetitions or maintaining repetitions with each strength set (if do-able with good form), complete 3-8 repetitions of the first Strength exercise (e.g. Upper Body Push) in a slow, controlled fashion. Next, complete 10-20 repetitions of a Core/Mobility movement of your choice (for active recovery), preferably choosing one that does not exhaust or work the same muscles that you used during your strength set.

Then go straight back to the Strength set, do another set and follow it up with the same Core/Mobility exercise for active recovery. Continue this scenario until you have completed 3-5 sets for both the Strength move and the Core/Mobility move, and then move on to the next movement category (e.g. Upper Body Pull). Continue this pattern until you have finished all movement categories (Upper Body Push, one Lower Body Push, one Upper Body Pull, one Lower Body Pull, and one Full Body Move).

Cool-down with deep breathing, box breathing, sauna, walking or any of the "easier" movements programmed for the day.


A) if you don't know how to do an exercise, then look it up at YouTube. Most of these exercises are quite common and can be found there.

B) you can substitute kegs, logs, rocks, kettlebells, sandbags, etc. for MOST of the moves below if you'd rather train outdoors or Strongman style


Upper Body Push:
-Barbell or Dumbbell Bench Press
-Incline Barbell or Dumbbell Bench Press
-Standing Overhead Press
-Standing Cable Press
-Loaded Pushup (with Weighted Vest, or Super Slow with body weight)

Upper Body Pull:
-Bent Barbell or Dumbbell Row
-Weighted Pull-up or Super Slow Pull-Up
-Weighted or Super Slow Horizontal Pull-Up
-Fast Single Arm Cable or Dumbbell Row
-Lat Pulldowns
-Seated Row

Lower Body Push:
-Barbell Squat
-Goblet Squat
-Front Squat
-Single Leg Squat
-Front Lunge
-Reverse Lunge
-Barbell or Dumbbell Step-Ups

Lower Body Pull:
-Suitcase Deadlift
-Romanian Deadlift

Full Body Move (this list is not exhaustive, and there may be others that you like:
-Turkish Get-Up
-Bear Complex (power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, and second push press):
-Deadlift to Overhead Press
-Overhead Squat


-Torso Twists
-Birddogs (opposite arm/leg extension)
-Yoga Sun Salutation Series
-Banded Side to Side Walks
-Mountain Climbers
-Foam Rolling
-Banded Side Walks
-Lunging Mobility Exercises
-More ideas here:

Sample Day 1

Rebounding 5-15 minutes

At any point during the day, jump on a rebounding trampoline for 5-15 minutes. I recommend any of the "JumpSport" models here:

It is OK to alternate single and double leg bouncing.

Sample Day 1

Dry Skin Brushing

Either in the sauna or after your shower, complete a full body dry skin brush (should take 2-5 minutes).

Any of these dry skin brushes will work:

Full instructions at:

Sample Day 1

IF (Intermittent Fast)

When you finish dinner tonight, remember that you must wait a minimum of 12 hours (and up to 16 hours) to eat your next meal. You will be doing a daily intermittent fast throughout the course of this program. You can also review this free, excellent intermittent fasting guide here:

Sample Day 1

Teas and Broths

Drink 1-2 cups of the following each day, preferably spread throughout the day:

-Pau D' Arco bark tea - get this bark tea: Prepare exactly as described here: - you can add stevia for flavoring

-Bone broth - highly recommend this Kettle & Fire brand if you are going to order: or alternatively, full instructions here:

-Decoction tea - boil 1-2 tbsp each of organic chopped licorice root (, organic marshmallow root ( and organic slippery elm bark ( in a pot filled with 2 quarts of water. If you can boil overnight until just a 1/2 quart of water remains, it is even better, but if not, that is OK. Strain the mixture, save the liquid, discard the herbs and this should make 2 cups to sip on through the day.

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