The Sufferfest Mental Training Programme

Average Weekly Training Hours 00:38
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 00:38
Training Load By Week

Welcome to The Sufferfest Mental Training Programme.
I’m Neal Henderson, founder of APEX Coaching and your coach here at The Sufferfest.
In addition to being the chief architect of The Sufferfest workouts and training plans, I’ve also worked with some of the most successful cyclists in the world. Athletes like Taylor Phinney, hour-record holders Evelyn Stevens and Rohan Dennis, as well as multiple national champions, world champions, and Olympic medalists.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned by working with those who compete at the highest level, it’s the importance of mental strength. Oftentimes, the person who makes it across the line first isn’t the strongest physically, but mentally.

The successful athlete is the one who is clearest about their goals, has unwavering focus, reflects on their performances and tries to improve, and approaches every day with a positive mindset. These are the Four Habits of the Mentally Strong and we’re going to build them in you.

Whether you’re racing or just trying to improve your riding, you will benefit from the techniques and exercises the pros use to sharpen their mental game.

Instead of training aimlessly, this programme will give you a clear sense of purpose, stronger motivation, and a greater sense of self-confidence. By training your mind you’ll be able to more effectively train your body, become a truly complete athlete and accomplish things you didn’t even realise you were capable of.
Are you with me? Great. Now it’s time to act.

First, if you’re reading this online, you need to download and print this workbook. This is where you’ll find all the information and exercises you need to complete the Mental Training Programme, including an easy-to-follow schedule detailing exactly when you should complete each session.

At the start of each week, I’ll provide an overview of the coming week here in the workbook, including what we’ll be covering and why those topics are important to a strong mental game.

Congratulations on starting this programme. You’re already a step ahead of everyone else.

Sample Day 1
MTP - Identifying Your Mt. Sufferlandria

Gain clarity on who you are as an athlete and what your major goal—your ‘Personal Mt. Sufferlandria—really is.

Sample Day 5
MTP - Establishing The Goal Setting Habit

Ensure constant progress by creating a habit of identifying monthly and weekly goals, with weekly rewards for achieving those goals.

Sample Day 8
MTP - Getting Positive


Sample Day 11
MTP - Remembering Why

Strengthen your willpower through a deep understanding of your key motivators as you strive for your personal Mt. Sufferlandria.

Sample Day 15
MTP - Relaxing to Recover

Boost your recovery with this guided meditation and full-body relaxation exercise.

Sample Day 18
MTP - Positive Self-Talk

Improve your confidence and performance through three types of positive self-talk: Motivational, Instructional and Reward.

Sample Day 22
MTP - Improving Focus

Develop an understanding of why focused concentration is so important to your performance.