Strength Training Plan: Intermediate/Advanced, 6 weeks, Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Power

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Strength Training Plan: Intermediate/Advanced, 6 weeks, Strength, Muscular Endurance, and Power


Laura Marcoux: D3 Multisport, USAT Level II Endurance, Ironman Certified Coach, NSCA-CPT

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6 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Strength, 1 Other

Plan Specs

fitness intermediate strength

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Coach Laura’s Keys to Performance:

1. Endurance Training: We must increase our aerobic capacity in order to cover the distance and duration that is necessary for our race goals. Quality will always be emphasized over quantity.

2. Strength Training: Being a durable, resilient, well-rounded athlete is necessary for longevity in triathlon. Strength training is periodized and takes different forms depending on what phase of training we are in, but it is a consistent staple in the training program.

3. Mental Training: Maintaining a process-focused mindset allows for continued progress as athletes and as humans. Results are driven by commitment to and love of the process. We are never done learning, exploring, uncovering, and growing as both humans and athletes. Commit to being open-minded, showing up every day, and not being afraid to fail.

4. Recovery: Progression is a combination of build and recovery. The recovery phase is crucial because that is when your body soaks in the adaptations of training. Training breaks your body down, then recovering builds it back up stronger than before. There are many recovery modalities, but the most important concept is that you commit to resting both your body and mind.

About the Plan:

This program should be used for athletes who are looking to add a strength training component to their swimming, biking, and running plan. It provides an introduction to strength training with different workouts each week. It is intended for athletes interested in taking their triathlon training to the next level by becoming stronger and preventing triathlon-related injuries.

Additional Benefits:

Upon purchasing a training plan, you’ll gain access to Coach’s Laura’s athlete resource website, which includes but is not limited to: training terminology, guidance on zones, strength training videos and descriptions, tips for swim, bike, run, and mental training, race planning guidelines, and much more.


Never hesitate to reach out:

Laura Marcoux

D3 Multisport

I am a USAT Level II Endurance Coach, an Ironman Certified Coach, and an NSCA-CPT. I believe in developing well-rounded triathletes, and empowering my athletes to set and reach goals that require getting uncomfortable. I coach Kona qualifiers, 70.3 WC qualifiers, and anyone who wants to use triathlon to challenge themselves and find some meaning in their lives. I believe that it is my job to provide you with a road map for reaching your goals, and to be your teammate in the process.

Sample Day 1

Welcome Email

Thank you for purchasing one of my training plans! As you work through the plan, please don't hesitate to reach out with questions and use me as a resource:

Sample Day 1

Strength Build 1

10' run or bike warmup, dynamic stretching

Front Squats
Russian Twists

Single Leg Squats

Dumbbell Bench Press
Dumbbell Bent Over Rows

Challenge Exercise: Turkish Get-Up

Sample Day 2

Dynamic Stretch Video

Dynamic stretching should be performed as part of your warmup, especially for biking and running workouts, in order to engage and recruit the necessary muscles for maximum efficiency and power. Dynamic stretching promotes blood flow, helps prevent injury, and maintains the elastic properties of the muscles that are necessary for athletic movement.

Sample Day 2

Training Terminology

Here is a list of terminology to help guide you through the workouts. If I left anything off the list, please reach out and ask me about it.

Sample Day 3

Strength Build 2

10 min run or bike warmup, dynamic stretching

Dead Lifts
Supine Leg Raises

Scap Pushups
Snow Devils

Flutter Kicks
Scissor Kicks
Pikes with Swiss Ball

Challenge Exercise: Single Leg Pike with Swiss Ball

Sample Day 5

Functional Strength/Pre-hab

10 minute run or bike warmup, dynamic stretching

Monster Walks with Band
Back Lunges with Twist
Scap Pushups
Snow Devils
Bird Dogs

Rotator Cuff Pre-hab:
Internal Rotation
External Rotation

Sample Day 6

Video: Hip Strengthening Exercises

Hip Strengthening Exercises for Running:

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