Casco Bay Swim Run Short Course

Average Weekly Training Hours 01:58
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 01:58
Training Load By Week

This training plan is for athletes planning to do the Casco Bay short course event. It is a 7 week plan to get beginner to intermediate level performance. It offers rehearsal days where you are encouraged to swim and run with your partner if possible or maybe a friend. This training plans brings you right up to the actual start date. You will need a jump rope, stabiiity ball, and tempo trainer for swimming and running.

Sample Day 1
find spl

8x25 counting strokes, rest 10 seconds between.
6x50 count strokes and note time, rest 10 seconds between.

Sample Day 2

choose a vinyasa yoga class that can help strengthen and stretch. Or go to my youtube channel and use my yoga and stretch videos.

Sample Day 3

start with .5 mile easy pace, 2 miles steady pace , .5 mile easy pace.

Sample Day 3
test swim

as 8x200, note time for each 200 and spl. Take 15 seconds between. Record time for 200's.
Add up times from each 200 to get a sense of how long it takes to swim a metric mile.

Sample Day 4
aerobic intervals 1

warm up w 5 minutes walk then to easy 5 minutes running.
5 x 5 minutes as 3 minutes at max aerobic heart rate and 2 minutes walking.

Sample Day 5
fist, finger catch

Swim one: catch 
4x25 start w front float and gentle flutter kick-relaxed body and head spin alignment. Start each 25 w this drill. Feel instead of Think. Feel the water hold you as you relax.
4x50 w 10 second rest at wall and again start each length w this drill and focuses.
Rest 1 minute before starting the next set.
2x75 as 25 swim with hands open, 25 w hands in a fist, then 25 open again. Feel your body relaxing and letting the water support you, resist the desire to "pull" or fight w the water with the fist, instead use the hips to lengthen forward. Start from the wall w front float each time.
Rest 1 minute before the next set.
3x100 swim easy as 25 fist, 25 one finger,  25 two fingers, 25 open hand, stay relaxed and calm. Use the hips. Rest 20 seconds.
4x25 swim easy, again start from front float each time. Align head.

Sample Day 6
long intervals

alternate .5 mile easy aerobic heart rate effort with .5 mile aerobic heart rate plus 10.