Ages6-8 (5) week Run/Bike Training Plan

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Ages6-8 (5) week Run/Bike Training Plan


Shelly OBrien

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6 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Custom, 2 Day Off, 2 Bike, 1 Other, 2 Run, 1 Brick

Longest Workout

0:30 hrs

Plan Specs


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This training plan is for the beginning youth multisport athlete ages 6-8 training for a duathlon (run/bike event) or are a member of an organized swim team practicing 4+ days per week. All workouts are designed to introduce basic skills that are age-appropriate and detailed for the young growing physiology. The plan includes workout descriptions focused on speed and skill development balanced with rest and recovery.
At the conclusion of this program the athlete will be able to complete an 400m run/ 1k bike/ 400m run event.
Properly fitting helmet
Bicycle that is the correct size
Bike shorts, Swim Jammers, or other tight fitting shorts.
Proper running shoes
Water bottle
Bike pump
If you have questions about any of these items please visit your local bike shop or running store.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:18
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:18
Average Weekly Breakdown

Shelly OBrien

IconOne Multisport - 210 865 2155
25 yrs coaching experience. Professional, successful, nationally recognized coach who combines a former professional athletic career with a passion for individual development. Personalization. Skills Assessment. Performance testing. Coach Mentor. Online training. Strength and functional movement. Injury Prevention and Rehab. Sprint Olympic 70.3 IronMan draft-legal Juniors

Individual and Group Programs, swim/bike/run testing services, camps and clinics

Sample Day 1


WU 5min of easy pedaling. 5x [:10 pedal as fast as you can. Easy pedal for :50]. Finish with 5min of easy pedaling

Sample Day 2


RUN/WALK WORKOUT: Walk for 2min. Then 6x Run for :30/Walk for :30. Finish with a 2min continuous jog effort

Sample Day 3


TRANSITION PRACTICE: Transition is where you will store all of your equipment during the race. What equipment will you need?* How will you set up your transition area?^ Set up a mock transition area that includes a 10m run and 50m bike. Quickly go from run>bike>run>bike>run. How fast can you do this sequence? Don't forget to set up a mount/dismount line. Repeat 3x

Sample Day 5


RUN/WALK WORKOUT: Walk for 2min. Then Run for up to 2min. When you can no longer run or you reach 2min, Walk for 1min. Repeat Run/Walk sequence 3x. Did you make 2 min each time?

Sample Day 6


BIKE: Today is about Turning corners. Have an adult go with you to an empty parking lot and practice going around turns both slowly and going faster. Avoid gravel or other debris that may cause you to fall. What do you think about when going into a corner? Can you pedal through the turn or do you need to stop pedaling? Do you look up through the corner or do you look at the front tire?

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