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Duathlon: 10k/40k/5k Intermediate Plan 8-10 hrs/wk


Eric Schwartz

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10 Weeks

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Plan Description

This 10 week training plan, written by former Duathlon Natonial Champion and founder Eric Schwartz, is for the experienced duathlete looking to improve their race performance in a duathlon lasting 2-3.5 hours. The plan involves moderately intense workouts starting in week one and progressing to more intense workouts. This plan includes six days of training per week and as many as two weekdays per week with multiple workouts. This plan is for an athlete with at least one year of racing experience. An athlete should have at least six to eight weeks of consistent training before starting this plan. With a maximum week of 10 hours of training, you will be in peak shape in just 10 weeks.

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Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
4:53 hrs 3:00 hrs
3:22 hrs 1:30 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
4:53 hrs 3:00 hrs
3:22 hrs 1:30 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Eric Schwartz

Endurance One

Specific areas of exerptiese inlclude: triathlon, duathlon, running, cycling, mental preparation and nutritional guidance.

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Sample Day 1

Easy ride

Week 1.
Bike 1 hour: 1-2 zone/easy to moderate effort. Low effort--light on pedals. Comfortably high rpm. Include three sets of 10 pedal revolutions in a big gear from a standing/rolling start (short, hard effort). Recover 2-3 minutes between sets.

Sample Day 2

Heart rate zone 1-2, check form.

Run 35 minutes: heart rate in zone 1-2/easy to moderate effort. Don't force zone 2. Flat to gently rolling. Continually check form. Quick cadence.

Sample Day 2


Bike 90 minutes: warm-up well. Then ride 20 to 30 minutes non-stop in the heart rate 3 zone/medium effort on a mostly flat course. 85-95 rpm. Smooth pedaling. Aero position. If your fitness is good increase this to as much of 40 minutes in zone 3 (or 2X20 minutes, 5 minute recovery)

Sample Day 3

Heart rate zone 1-2, check form.

Run 40 minutes: with heart rate in zone 1-2. Flat to gently rolling. Continually check form. Quick cadence.

Sample Day 4

Cruise Intervals, 3-4x6 minute, heart rate zone 3.

Run 50 minutes: tempo intervals. Warm up well. Then 3x 6 minutes. Build to zone 3 heart rate/medium effort. 2 minute recovery interval. Relaxed form! Listen to breathing. 10 minute warmup and 5-10 minute cool down.
///See my supporting documents for more explanation on how to use a heart rate monitor OR perceived effort to guide your intensity throughout this plan.

Sample Day 6


Bike 2-2.5 hours: rolling course with HR in zones 1-3/easy to medium effort. This can be 3 hours if your aerobic fitness is good.

Sample Day 6

Heart rate zone 1-2, check form.

Run 25 minutes: follow immediately with zone 1-2/easy to moderate effort run.

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