Duathlon: 15k/80k/7.5k Gold Medal World Championship Plan

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 11:01

This 11 week training plan, written by former Duathlon Natonial Champion and Duathlon.com founder Eric Schwartz, is for advanced duathletes with at least 3 years racing experience. This is very similar to a plan I wrote for an athlete who won an age group gold medal at the Duathlon World Championships (under 40) at a distance of 15k run, 80k bike, and 7.5k run. It prescribes 8-15 hours per week of training.

You should not start this plan unless you have an excellent aerobic base AND you have had some intensity in your training. This plan has a higher ratio of intense workouts than most athletes should be doing. If you purchase this plan you may need to reduce the intensity and/or duration of some of the workouts. Only serious duathletes with significant experience and knowledge should purchase this plan.

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If you have additional questions about this plan email Eric.Boulder@gmail.com and I'll respond quickly.

Sample Day 1

50-60 minute run primarily in zone 2.

Sample Day 2

50 minute bike. Early in the ride do 4X30 second hard efforts, full recovery. Finish with 20 minutes at zone 4.

Sample Day 2

Follow with a 30-40 minute run. In the first 20 minutes build to a zone 4 effort then back off to zone 1-2.

Sample Day 3

90 minute zone 1-2 run

Sample Day 4

1 hour ride with 20 minutes at zone 3.

Sample Day 5

2 hour ride with 3X18 minutes at zone 3, 5 minute recoveries.

Sample Day 5

Follow with a 1 hour run zone 1-2 run

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