Duathlon: 5k/34k/5k Advanced, 8-12 hrs/week - NEW

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:03
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:03
Training Load By Week

This 12 week training plan, written by former Duathlon National Champion, coach, and Duathlon.com founder Eric Schwartz, is for the intermediate to experienced duathlete looking for peak performance in a 5k run, 34k bike (or 30k), 5k run or similar distance duathlon. This plan is a great fit for athletes training for the 2014 USAT Duathlon National Championships.

I've coached several gold, silver, and bronze medalists at the Duathlon World Championships, and I would feel comfortable giving them this plan to earn another medal.

Athletes using this plan should have a minimum of 2-3 years of multisport experience and should have a solid training base. This plan contains a significant quantity of training intensity.

Mondays are generally day off/recovery days, and approximately 3 days of each week include both a bike and run workout.

The plan includes some flexibility in training time and workouts. Following the minimum workout requirements requires 7.5-10 hours of training per week. Doing the maximum requires 9-12 hours per week.

Testimonials for Eric's Duathlon Training Plans are available here: http://goo.gl/pv8ZA
Duathlon Training Plan FAQs: http://bit.ly/DuathlonFAQ

If you additional questions about this plan email at Eric.Boulder@gmail.com and I'll respond quickly.

Sample Day 2

Run 50 minutes:  10 minute warmup and strides.  Then 30 minute tempo run.  First 15 minutes in zone 3 and last 15 minutes in zone 4.  This is not an all out run.  Rolling course. Short cool down.

See this page for my isntructions on doing strides:

Sample Day 2

Bike 60-90 minutes: mostly zone 2.

Sample Day 3

Bike 1.5 to 2 hours: zone 1-2.

Sample Day 4

Bike 60-90 minutes:  include 25 minutes of zone 3-4. Build effort during the interval.

For a day like today when both a run and bike are listed, they should be done as separate workouts. Only workouts designated as bricks are intended to be done back to back.

It is okay to sporadically do non-brick workouts back to back when you are short on time, but I suggest it not be done regularly.

Sample Day 4

Run 40-50 minutes: zone 1-2

Sample Day 5

Run 45 minutes: zone 1-2.

Sample Day 6

Brick 2.5 to 3 hours:
2 hour ride.  Include 4X2 minute fast early in the ride, 3-4 minute recoveries.  Later in the ride do 8X4 minutes at low zone 4, 1 minute recoveries.
Follow immediately with a 30 minute run.  Gradually build to zone 4 over the first 15 minutes, then back off to zone 1-2 for the remainder.

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