NEW Duathlon: Base Period 2, 8-13 hrs/wk, Intermediate/Advanced 12 Weeks

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:39

New for 2013/2014. This 12 week training plan, written by former Duathlon Natonial Champion, coach, and founder Eric Schwartz, is for intermediate to advanced duathletes. You should have completed at least 6 weeks of consistent training before starting this plan.

This plan is a good follow up the the Base Period 1 plan and it is a perfect lead-in to several of my 12 week training/racing plans.

The standard week includes: recovery day on Monday, two workouts on Tuesday and Thursday, one workout on Wednesday and Friday, a brick workout on Saturday and a long run on Sunday. But not all weeks follow that layout.

Weeks 3, 7, and 10 are lower volume and/or lower intensity designed to allow for recovery so you can get the most from this 12 week training block

There is a wide latitude in workout duration. If you are time limited, don’t feel obligated to do the maximum time, or even the minimum prescribed time. The key is to do the prescribed quality for each workout. If you do that you will be getting most of the benefit. You could follow this plan on 7-8 hours/week by cutting duration and leaving in quality.

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Sample Day 1

Run 45 minutes: after a good warmup include 6X45 seconds fast, good form, 1 minute of easy running in between. Recover, then 20 minutes of zone 3 running.

Sample Day 2

Bike 1-2 hours: zone 1-2.

Sample Day 3

Bike 60-90 minutes: warmup with one leg drills and spinup drills (see for description). Then force reps. These are best done on a hill, but they can be done on a trainer or flat road with a big gear. Use a big gear even if on a hill (eg. 53X14). Cadence should be low while power output is high. After coasting at no more than 10mph, stay seated and drive the pedals hard for 6 full revolutions. Very easy recovery for 3-5 minutes then repeat 2 more times. If you have knee or other lower leg problems you should avoid these.

Sample Day 3

Run 40 minutes: mostly zone 2.

Sample Day 4

Run 40 minutes: zone 1-2

Sample Day 5

Brick 3.25 hours
Bike 2.5 hours: Include 30 minutes of zone 3 riding. Every 4 minutes insert two minutes of big gear riding. (4 minutes normal cadence, 2 minutes low cadence, repeated throughout). Your heart rate will likely drop during the big gear riding. That’s okay. Use perceived effort as your guide. 10 minutes easier riding, then do another 30-50 minute zone 3 with normal cadence.
Avoid big gear riding if it bothers your knees.
Follow with a 45 minute run: first 15 minutes at zone 3.

Sample Day 6

Run 70-90 minutes: zone 1-2

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