12 week swim run training plan


Neil Cooper


12 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 3 Swim, 3 Run, 1 Other

Longest Workout

2:00 hrs

Plan Specs

duathlon intermediate time goal strength

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This plan will help someone of limited fitness level train for the Kong swim run event, or any other swim run event where the course is on the fells. The plan will help you become more familiar with fell running and open water swimming. The plan can be used by those with an increased fitness level by running the sessions marked as walking.
All session are based on time rather than distance so are better adapted to all fitness levels. The plan includes strength training which is vital for performance and injury prevention. The program will steadily increase your fitness level and then taper ready for race day.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:11
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 05:11
Average Weekly Breakdown

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Sample Day 1

First swim

For your first swim, just try to get used to being in the water and swimming. All the best swimmers make it look easy because they are so relaxed. For your first swim, this is going to be your focus. Try to stay relaxed as possible.

10 minutes easy swim
10 minutes swim with pull buoy (a shaped foam block between your legs)
10 minutes swim

Sample Day 2

45 minute easy run

This is an easy run at a slow effort. If you need to run and walk for a bit, that is fine. Easy runs throughout the plan should be at a pace where you can hold a conversation with someone. If you have a heart rate monitor and know your zones, you should be in zones 1 or 2.

Sample Day 3

Endurance swim

This is a slow gentle swim. No paddles but feel free to use a pull buoy

Sample Day 5

Park run

Enjoy doing a nice social run. This run isn't about time, it is about enjoying running with other people. One of the motivations of doing triathlon is running with other people who will encourage you and appreciate encouragement from you.

Sample Day 6

Fell adaption

Most swim run events are on the fells where you need to get used to dealing with steep hills and uneven terrain.
To start to get you used to such terrain try a fast walk on the fells. If you feel confident, try running the down hill sections

Sample Day 8

Speed ramp

This will be your first introduction to RPE. RPE is the rate of perceived effort. It is a scale from 1 -10 of your effort levels. So and RPE of 3 might be you doing something very slowly, such as a slow shuffle when running. An RPE of 10 will be a flat out sprint.

350m warm up

Main set.
1 x 250 RPE 5 - 20 sec recovery
1 x 200 RPE 6 - 20 sec rec
1 x 150 RPE 7 - 15 sec rec
1 x 100 RPE 8 - 15 sec rec
1 x 50 RPE 9 - 15 sec rec
1 x 25 RPE 10 - 25 sec recovery

225m cool down

Sample Day 9

2 times triple 'M'

This is the triple M workout. You will run for 3 minutes at medium pace, then 3 minutes at moderate pace and finally 3 minutes at a mad pace which is as fast as you can manage. Have a 3 minute slow recovery jog, and then do it again.
If you find it too tough, just do it once through.

12 week swim run training plan

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