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The LONDON DUATHLON event. FULL STANDARD 10 / 44 / 5 km DUATHLON prep.( 20 week, 7-14 hrs/ week)

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CPS InMotion (Simon Clark, Performance Practitioner)

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20 Weeks

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Includes Structured Workouts

Structured Workouts automatically sync with compatible devices and guide you through workouts in real time.

Learn More about Structured Workouts.

Plan Description

This is an effective 19 week improvement plan, carefully designed by CPS In-Motion for the LONDON DUATHLON Standard course 10 / 44 / 5km or similar distance.

This programme has been carefully designed to match the cycling and running training required to achieve a peak race performance, set in the iconic scenery of London's cycling mecca, Richmond Park; 1x 10km run, 4 x 11km cycle, 1 x 5km ride. Total 59km.
Reliant on the fundamentals of exercise physiology the course profile has been translated to the specific training sessions needed to improve those factors involved in achieving a personal record time for intermediate and advanced duathletes

Convenient endurance sessions are based on a pre-determined Lactate Threshold power / pace and heart rate values. Ideal for intermediate/advanced duathletes with limited training time of 7-14hrs and a current initial baseline Lactate Threshold power between 200-300 Watts along with a half-marathon pb below approx. 2hr-1hr45min. Sessions are power-based, scaled to Lactate Threshold (Coggans 7 zones) which should be determined prior to the plan start date. A Critical Power assessment may substitute Lactate Threshold using a sound testing protocol see:

Sessions, are easily conducted on a turbo or on the road, last between 45min to 2hrs during week days, with tactical active recovery or scheduled days off to promote desired adaptations. Longer sessions at the weekend, usually require Saturday and Sunday rides of various length. Volume is periodised throughout as weighting is given to each discipline for the appropriate build of intensity/ load. Sessions have been recently updated for annotated workout descriptions and rationale, with nutritional, racing and pacing strategies where possible.

Sessions are compatible and uploadable as workouts (.fit or .zwo files) on many Apps in ERG mode (SMART trainer inc. Wahoo, Tacx etc and Zwift/ Trainer Road) or directly on your Garmin or GPS watch.

No indoor/ gym strength conditioning is incorporated into this plan. All neuromuscular work is done in specific sessions on the bike, or hill reps for running. Body weight exercises and stretching should be included where possible and are indicated. You should start this plan from a position of good strength conditioning without any muscular imbalances, such as after a strength & conditioning off-season plan.

This programme is ideal for any medium/long distance duathlon event reliant on having good power-to-weight in climbs and ability to recovery. Commonly the key elements of successful peak performance. Lactate Threshold should be determined independently by a reliable provider/ sports scientist at the start of the plan so accurately scaled zones may be followed throughout. The programme is designed to include both a short distance training race for running, and medium/long distance cycling event for both conditioning purposes and race preparation, mid-way. Brrick sessions arre indicated throughout are arre at an optimal frequency for the overall training stress.

Follow-up tests should be performed after approx.10 weeks to maintain progression and confirm changes in zones. Users should expect at least 10-15% improvement in baseline Lactate Threshold power or running velocity after the conclusion of the programme, if good compliance is achieved, along with managing other variables which my influence performance sleep, nutrition, stress, and rest.

Details on pacing strategy for the race are provided as a complimentary PDF info sheet.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch at if you have any queries regarding this plan or if you are considering one-2-one coaching support for an event. Visit for more details.

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Training Plan Sample Week


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
4:19 hrs 3:30 hrs
1:51 hrs 1:20 hrs
Day Offx1
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
4:19 hrs 3:30 hrs
1:51 hrs 1:20 hrs
Day Off
—— ——

Training Load By Week

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  • Power Meter
  • GPS

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Simon Clark

CPS In-Motion

CPS In-Motion is a specialist endurance coaching and physiological testing service for cyclists and runners. We provide a full range of effective coaching support to all levels of performance athletes, internationally, looking to become more competitive. Our focus is on your goals and your journey to event success....or longer term athletic capacity. We also support other coaches and practitioners for guidance and best practice in exercise physiology and robust lab testing.