ironguides "The Method": 12-Week Duathlon Standard Distance Training Plan - Advanced Athletes

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:35

This training plan is designed to prepare you for Duathlon with distance Standard using The Method, the innovative training protocol, from ironguides, that enables you to make the most out of limited training time.

Sample Day 1
Bike - Week 1-3 Building a Routine: Power Intervals

BIKE On stationary bike, you will work up to begin the following in Week 3: 20min easy w/u 15x POWER Intervals [1min at 45-55 cadence HARD RESISTANCE / with 1min VERY EASY recovery] Make each effort ALL OUT against VERY HIGH resistance! The cadence should be low (40-45 rpm per leg per minute) because you can’t push any harder because the resistance is so high! We are aiming for wobbly legs.

Week 1: 60min moderate cycling on stationary or outside
Week 2: 30min easy bike + 10x POWER
Week 3: 30min easy bike + 15x POWER

Sample Day 1
Run - Week 1-3 Building a Routine: Transition Run

RUN Building up to 20min fast off the bike • Ideally performed on a flat treadmill • Always run at a stride rate greater than 96 • Optionally, you can do this on a loop with a slight hill so that you are running fast on a slight downhill for a large portion of the loop

Week 1: 15min easy +10min c/d on the bike
Week 2: 20min moderate +10min c/d on the bike
Week 3: 20min moderate +10min c/d on the bike

Sample Day 2
Duathlon - Week 1-3 Building a Routine

DUATHLON RUN 10min easy 10min moderate BIKE 15min moderate big gear (50-60rpm) 15min moderate race cadence RUN OFF 10min moderate 10min cool down

Week 1: 20min easy run / 30min moderate bike / 20min easy run
Week 2: full session as described
Week 3: full session as described

Sample Day 3
Run - Week 1-3 Building a Routine: Negative Split Run

RUN Build run – from easy to moderate

Week 1: 40min as 20min easy / 20min moderate
Week 2: 50min as 30min easy / 20min moderate
Week 3: 60min as 30min easy / 30min moderate

Sample Day 4
Bike - Week 1-3 Building a Routine: Bike TT

BIKE 75min on road or stationary, as: 15min easy w/u INTERVALS as below • Ride these in cadence 75-85 • Easy gear for Recovery 15min easy c/d

Week 1: 60min easy
Week 2: 60min moderate / 10min hard / 5min easy
Week 3: w/u + 8x [2min hard / 3min easy] + c/d

Sample Day 5
Run - Week 1-3 Building a Routine

RUN Long Run, alternating weeks on land or treadmill / hills You will be building up to the following: (1) Flat Treadmill or Land one week 15min w/u 25min easy 25min at moderate (0.5 – 1 mph faster) 25min at comfortably uncomfortable (0.5 – 1 mph faster again) 10min easy c/d --- alternating with –- (2) Hill Run the following week 15min easy w/u / 45min of hills / 10min easy c/d

Week 1: 70min easy run on land
Week 2: 80min easy run on treadmill
Week 3:90min hilly run, land, all easy to moderate

Sample Day 6
Bike - Week 1-3 Building a Routine: Endurance

BIKE Endurance Bike, building to 210min by next phase: • 30min warm up run as 15min easy / 15min moderate • then first 30min warm up on the bike in very low cadence 50rpm • You’ll be pushing harder in this workout in following weeks. • Push a bigger gear and keep your muscle tension high. • Aim for cadence around 70-80 – this will mean pushing quite hard at times! • In strong head winds, increase your cadence and move into a smaller gear. • Optionally, you can do these workouts on a stationary bike.

Week 1: 120min easy and flat
Week 2: 60min w/u / 60min moderate
Week 3: 60min w/u / 60min moderate / 30min hard