Duathlon: 5k/30k/5k and Shorter Beginner Plan 2.5-6.5 hrs/wk

Average Weekly Training Hours 04:35
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 04:35
Training Load By Week

This 12 week training plan, written by former Duathlon Natonial Champion and Duathlon.com founder Eric Schwartz, is for beginning duathletes competing in a short distance duathlon up to a distance of a 3.1 mile run, 18 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. Only minimal fitness is needed before starting this plan. The first week includes five days of training with runs ranging from 10-30 minutes and bike rides of 30-60 minutes. With a maximum week of 6.5 hours of training, you will be ready to complete in your first duathlon in just 12 weeks.

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Sample Day 1

Week 1

10-15 minute easy run. If you have not been doing any running be careful to increase your mileage slowly to avoid injury.

Sample Day 2

30-45 minutes. Ride in heart rate (HR) zones 1-2 on a flat to rolling course. See my supporting documents for more explanation on how to use a heart rate monitor OR perceived effort to guide your intensity throughout this plan.

Sample Day 4

10-15 minute easy run.

Sample Day 6

Easy zone 1-2 ride on flat to rolling terrain.

Sample Day 7

Easy run in heart rate zones 1-2

Sample Day 9

15-20 minute easy zone 1-2 run.

Sample Day 10

Easy zone 1-2 ride. For the middle 15 minutes of the ride focus on maintaining a cadence of 85 or higher. That's 85 pedal revolutions per minute. Most good cyclists will time trial on flat terrain at a cadence of 85-95 but less experienced cyclists often have a slower cadence.

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