Power at Threshold is KING!

Building power at threshold trumps all else and a high FTP is needed to be competitive in all disciplines of cycling.

This plan is for you if you want to improve your fitness and be better equip for the physiological demands of the following events and rides"
XC mountain biking
Time trialing

In this plan I assume all riders are coming to the table with a decent endurance base built. Meaning you've been riding for 6 months and have been consistent with 2-3 days a week of riding, totaling 5 hours a week minimum. If that not you then this plan may not be for you.

"Base" is all about slowly building your functional threshold power(FTP)....or the power that you could hold in an all out 50-60 minute TT.

It is this power at threshold, high watts per kilo at threshold, that is the KEY to any form of bike racing except track racing. But even in track racing high threshold power is important in the 4000meters(but high VO2max power trumps it in this event).

TEMPO is about 85% of your FTP power/intensity.
LOW or SUB THRESHOLD work at about 87-94% FTP pays big dividends and offers a big bang for the training buck.
PURE THRESHOLD work at 95-105% FTP is damn hard and offers super good threshold building work but you have to be somewhat careful with this intensity as you can over train if you get carried away. It is also mentally draining to do so you can get burnt out mentally if you are not careful.

Putting around for hours on end at endurance intensity/power or less than about 80% FTP is basically a waste of time. After you reach "decent" shape all that "just riding around" stuff is almost totally useless. All it does is burn calories and drain your testosterone levels and makes your fatigued so you CANNOT train hard...well OK it does teach the body to be really good at using fatty acids for fuel but in most bike RACING that isn't a big deal.

The good news is that with smart hard training you do not need to go above 10 hours per week in the winter and make really good progress

Sample Day 1
2 X 20 @ 95% FTP

Sample Day 2
3 X 20 @SST

Sample Day 3
Tempo 85% FTP- 60min

Tempo 85% FTP- 60 minutes non stop. Every 15 minutes do a very hard 60 second interval in the saddle...AWC power.

Sample Day 4
active recovery

Sample Day 5
2 X 20 @ 95% FTP

Sample Day 6
3 X 20 @SST

Sample Day 7
Tempo 85% FTP- 60min

Tempo 85% FTP- 60 minutes non stop. Every 15 minutes do a very hard 60 second interval in the saddle...AWC power.

Shawn DAurelio
SD Endurance Sports

I operate out of a full indoor gym (located inside a bicycle shop) which allows me to implement cycling specific resistance training programs along, conduct power based trainer workouts, and meet one on one with my athletes.

Majority of my clients are 50+. Whether your goal is to become a cat 1 road racer, do a sub 10 hr Leadville 100 MTB ride, not get dropped from your local group ride, or ride your first century, I can help!!

I can meet all of you cycling specific and fitness needs