Road cycling training plan "Climbing Monsters" 12 wks, 35+ Experienced Rider by Stoller

Average Weekly Training Hours 12:10
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 12:10
Training Load By Week

Are you a seasoned rider looking to prepare yourself for larger climbs or a tough cycling tour? Well you have come to the right place...This program will get you ready for the largest climbs you can find plus will give you the endurance needed to link a few hard days together so you can enjoy multiple day events and stay with the best riders. You should be an experienced rider to fully enjoy this training program. You will need 14-16 hrs to train weekly in order to get the most out of this program. Have fun!

Sample Day 2
Easy Spin/Small ring only (power)

Time to give your small ring a little love. Spin your legs in your small ring all day, concentrating on staying smooth and keeping the rpm's above 92.

Sample Day 4
Slow Fluid Rotations SFR (power)

6x2 min SFR

Sample Day 6
Endurance Rollers Seated (power)

Ride primarily at 1-2 zones on a rolling course. Mostly in saddle on hills to build & maintain hip strength. Small and big chain rings.

Sample Day 7
Alternating Tempo, 20 minutes, CP45-60 (Power)

Alternating Tempo: On a flat road, Warm up well. Once warmed-up ride 18 minutes, alternating from CP60/100 FTP to CP45/110 FTP every 6 minutes. 85-100 rpm.

CP=Critical Power: The amount of time you can maintain at a given intensity. Example, CP60 would be the max effort you could maintain for 60 minutes.

Sample Day 9
Mild Climb Repeats

After a good warm up climb a mild 8-15 minute climb with a grade between 3-5% in a comfortable gear in zone 3 to low zone 4. We are looking for a steady pace not a hard pace.

Sample Day 10
Slow burn+climb (Power)

Zone 2 @ 80-85 rpm's avg with 5 miles of mild climbing.

Sample Day 11
Slow Fluid Rotations SFR (power) 2

6x2 min SFR

Roger Rilling

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