BASE 12 Week Off Season Cycle Training Program

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BASE 12 Week Off Season Cycle Training Program


Lauren Updyke

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

5 Bike, 2 Strength, 2 Day Off

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling base period

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This 12 week off season training program is a great choice for athletes who are looking to gain strength and fitness in the off season to come out of the winter stronger than ever. Athletes are scheduled 6 days of the week with 1 full day off. Two days are lighter, easier rides combined with a strength workout. The rest of the cycle workouts are challenging and have a specific purpose.

The plan is broken into 4 week chunks with the first 4 weeks focusing on cadence and efficiency. The middle 4 weeks we focus on increasing the athlete's aerobic force. The final 4 weeks the plan focuses on shorter more intense efforts to improve anaerobic efficiency.

This plan is appropriate for anyone who has a basic understanding of cycling. All workouts can be done either on an indoor trainer, power based trainer (Wahoo Kick'r/Computrainer/etc), or out on the road. Be sure to read through each workout as there may be slight changes in the workouts between trainer and road.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:25
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:25
Average Weekly Breakdown

Lauren Vallee Updyke

Base Tri Fitness

We do one thing at BASE. Focus on our athletes and their success. We don't believe in gimmicks, fads, or any other hocus pocus. We rely on science. Utilizing our unique testing protocol we set training parameters that meet the needs of our athletes. No two athlete plans are the same - just as no two athletes are the same. For more information visit and get ready to Build the BASE.

Sample Day 1


Easy 45 minute spin - small chain ring. On a scale from 1-10 RPE (rate of perceived exertion) should be a 4/10.

Sample Day 2


15 minute easy spinning as warm up (small chain ring is appropriate)

If you are on an indoor trainer complete 20 seconds of single leg riding, 20 seconds of both leg riding, and then 20 seconds of the other leg riding. This equals one repetition. Complete 5 repetitions total
if you are outside or on rollers - do not unclip as you would if you were on an indoor stationary trainer. Instead of unclipping and pedaling with one leg - pedal with a FOCUS on one leg versus the other for 20 seconds, then 20 seconds both legs, and then the opposite leg for 20 seconds. This equals one repetition. Complete 5 repetitions total.


5 x 1 minute high cadence (100+ RPMS), 1 minute relaxed cadence. Small chain ring, or easy gearing is fine for this exercise. The focus is on high cadence not high power output.


remainder cool down easy


Cadence: refers to the revolutions per minute (RPM) your feet are making as you pedal. All cyclists have a different natural cadence. Traditional coaching recommends a cadence between 95-100. While this allows for great reaction and 'answering' ability in road racing it is not necessarily your number one goal.

RPM: Revolutions Per Minute (see above). To check your RPM/Cadence count how many times one knee lifts up in 20 seconds and multiply by 3. This will give you your RPM. Whenever a drill set says to pick up your cadence, or spin up, simply increase from the natural cadence or current cadence you are riding.

Steady State Riding - I will use the term stead state riding to indicate that your goal is to maintain a level power/effort output throughout the entire time listed. It will take some time to learn to manage your energy and effort so that you are not fatigued at the end of the interval. In this workouts case a steady state interval with an RPE of 5-6/10 would be similar to riding a flat road into a slight head wind for example.

RPE - Rate of Perceived Exertion. In this plan it is based off of a 1-10 range. Most athletes do not associate any effort with 1-3 so an easy effort starts at a 4. Moderate efforts range from 5-7. Threshold efforts typically fall between 8-9, and maximum efforts are 10/10.

Sample Day 3

Cycling Specific Core and Strength

Warm up on a stationary bike or other piece of cardio equipment before starting this workout.

Circuit #1 (complete 1 set of these one after another. Repeat for a total of 2-3 sets)
Body Weight Full Squat* 15 repetitions
Low Row with Machine or Bands 15 repetitions
Walking lunges with no weight 15 repetitions
Lat Pull Down with Machine or Pull Ups 15 repetitions

Circuit #2 (complete like you did the above set)
Squat Rack or Leg Press 15 reps
Cable Chop 15 reps each side
Single Leg Supine Bridge 15 reps each side (focus on squeezing the glutes)
Push Ups or Chest Press 15 reps

Forearm Planks 3 x 1:00 or best time
Side Planks 2 each side for 1:00 or best time (when you do them think of engaging your glutes as well as the core)
Back Extension (can do on a stability ball, the machine, or lying straight on the ground. Focus on endurance over doing these weighted)

Sample Day 3


Easy riding as warm up for strength/core work

Sample Day 5


Easy spinning small chain ring

Sample Day 6


15 minute warm up

5 x :30 spin up :30 relaxed cadence


8 x 2 minutes at 7/10 effort, 2 minutes easy

remainder easy

Sample Day 8


Easy 45 minute spin - small chain ring. On a scale from 1-10 RPE (rate of perceived exertion) should be a 4/10.

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