CPT 12 week Winter base. Cat 2

Average Weekly Training Hours 12:35
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 12:35
Training Load By Week

This plan is designed for a cat 2 racer to establish a good winter base.
The workouts here will specificaly work towards establishing base endurance, strength and speed.
By taking this training approach you will arrive at your spring training ready to transition from high volume endurance to higher intensity.
This will ensure that you are putting in the most appropriate training at the appropriate time, delivering you into form at the start of your season.
The weekly maximum training hours is 17. Maximum ride time is 6 hours.

The plan is heart rate based, so if you do not know your heart rate zones, then there is a test protocol on the first day of the plan.

To enter your heart rate zones, use the method as described in this video:


To calculate your zones, use these figures:
Zone 5: 92-100% of max
Zone 4: 92-85% of max
Zone 3: 75-85% of max
Zone 2: 65-75% of max
Zone 1: 50-65% of max

Go hard, prepare well and have fun out there,

Richard Rollinson is a highly respected coach, leading his national NZ squads into international competition, as well as guiding many junior grass roots and masters riders to achieving their best possible results.
With this plan you get the same expert planning that goes into Richard’s personal coached riders at CPT Cycle Coaching, without the ongoing commitment.

Sample Day 1
Sub max HR test

Check tyre preassure and record. Set gear roll out. Pedal consistantly at 90rpm. Stop pedaling. Record time from freewheel start to stop. Warm up 10mins in zone 1, progressively. Start test in big chainring, middle of cassette. Stay in upper zone 2, 90rpm for 3mins. If gear roll out does not achieve upper zone 2; adjust roll out and repeat test until correct zone is achieved. Cool down 10mins.

Sample Day 2
Anerobic threshold 1h efforts:20m

Warm up in zone 2 for 20min. Complete 1x 20 min zone 4 effort. Cool down 20 min in zone 2

Sample Day 4
Aerobic endurance 2.5h

Increasing muscular endurance

Sample Day 6
SE Develop 2.5h efforts:75m 70rpm

Complete 45min at 100rpm, then 75min at 70 rpm conculding with 30min at 100rpm. All in zone 2. Stay seated when riding at 70rpm

Sample Day 7
Aerobic endurance 3h +2x sprints

Increasing muscular endurance

Sample Day 9
Anerobic threshold 1.5h efforts:20m x2

Warm up in zone 2 for 15min. Complete 2x 20 min zone 4 efforts with 20 min recovery in zone 2. Cool down 15 min in zone 2

Sample Day 11
Aerobic endurance 1.5h

Increasing muscular endurance

Richard Rollinson
CPT Cycling

With 21 years experience in cycling, I have guided riders from beginner to international level to achieve their goals through power based training. Delivering personalised plans and providing actionable feedback with expert analysis. I would love to help you achieve your next goals too.