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6 Weeks

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cycling intermediate advanced masters time goal multi day power based hr based tss based strength

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Plan Description

This plan focuses on the CRIT racer and preparing him or her for the rigors and intensity of this racing style. This 6 week structure plan has been built with that in mind. CRITs are intense and tactics will work to reduce and in some cases eliminate your ability to respond to attacks and sprint to finish. This plan is moderately difficult and should be adjusted to meet your race schedule.

**I have included workouts that will also work on hill descents and endurance so that each of your racing areas are worked to minimize stagnation and maintain strength. Also, not all CRIT courses will be flat and utilizing the different muscles and positions on the bike will increase your fitness and ensure you remain in prime position to sprint for Primes and Wins.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
9:19 hrs 3:30 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
9:19 hrs 3:30 hrs

Mike Mason

TRC Coaching

Even the strongest among us can feel lost and unsure. As a Licensed USA Cycling Level 3 Coach, I can help you understand and manage your expectations for training and motivate you to succeed and realize your potential. I believe that you have it within you to accomplish anything you set out to do.

Sample Day 1

FTP Test 1

FTP Test 1 will begin to build base FTP to provide starting point for the remainder of the plan. During this 75 minute ride you should slowly work into your endurance zone. Focus on form and maintaining even pressure not the pedals.
First Half: 30 minutes: Slowly work into your endurance power or heart rate zone and perform HI Cadence (100-110 rpm) to prepare and wake the fast twitch muscles for work and low resistance and LO Cadence in a big gear to add resistance.

Second Half: 30 Minutes: Perform 10 x 1 minutes intervals with 2 minutes rest in endurance zone. Power will degrade towards the end of this set, any power degradation more than 10 percent. End intervals and spin out to cool down.

Cool Down: 15 minutes. Foam roll and ensure protein and carbohydrate replacement within 30 minutes of completion.

Sample Day 3

Base Training Ride

Warm Up well and stay in your Zone 2 power zone. Do not go anaerobic. This will begin to build your base fitness.

Sample Day 4

Base Training Ride

Warm Up well and stay in your Zone 2 power zone. Do not go anaerobic. This will begin to build your base fitness.

Sample Day 5

Crit Power Training

After warm up do 3 sets of 3x25 second sprints. Include cornering practice in this workout. Recover until heart rate drops to zone 2 between each repeat. 5 minute recovery between sets.

Sample Day 6

Endurance Ride

Warm-up well through your power zones. Then ride 1.5 hours steady at planned race Tempo, stay between 60-70 percent of your FTP. Follow your race nutrition protocol. Cool down easily.

Sample Day 7

Fun Ride

Sample Day 8

12 x 2s

Focus on getting a good warm up in the legs to prepare them to work. This will be the first step in the undulating periodization approach where the approach will be a constant state of adaptation.  

Main Focus: 12 x 2 
10 minutes in endurance zone

Perform intervals to best ability. Focusing on quality.

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