EPC Intermediate Gravel Race Build Block (9 wk)

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EPC Intermediate Gravel Race Build Block (9 wk)


Matt Eggleton (Eggleton Performance Coaching)

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9 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Bike, 2 Day Off

Longest Workout

4:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling intermediate masters multi day power based tss based

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This plan is built for the "Weekend Warrior" that can schedule 7 to 10.5 hours of training per week (over 5 days per week) in preparation for a 50-mile gravel bike race. It's based on several other coaches' plans, but all workouts are built in TP as Matt's interpretation of the intent of the workouts with Matt's approach to interval workout construction and timing.
For athletes working Monday through Friday, begin this plan on a Monday (Fridays are Rest Days, and the long rides will be on Saturdays and Sundays). For athletes with other work schedules, it may work best for you to begin the plan on another day of the week.
This plan presumes athlete already maintains a good degree of fitness and has been building base hours/miles over the prior weeks.
Gravel racing is a test of being uncomfortable. It's that simple. This block of training prepares the athlete to become used to being uncomfortable. Of course, the goal isn't to simply harden you up. Sweet Spot intervals maximize body adaptation by building muscular endurance without going over the edge deep into Zone 4 (Threshold) where you need a more lengthy recovery.
For the highly-trained amateur athlete, this is going to be your race pace. Through muscle memory and your familiarity with level of effort you will ride 20-30 minute intervals of Sweet Spot during your race with a few short recovery intervals sprinkled in. Taking this approach will not put you over the edge, but will take you right up to the limit of what you can do for hours on end.
This plan can be supplemented with weekly 5K runs for athletes looking to comprehensively develop leg strength and endurance. Recommend replacing the lightest workout of the week (typically the Wednesday workout) with the run.
Aiming for a TSB of 10-15 on Race Day.

*** All Eggleton Performance Coaching cycling training plans are best performed when the intervals sessions are performed on a smart trainer and the non-interval sessions are ridden outdoors. Synch TrainingPeaks to Zwift or TrainerRoad and run them in Erg Mode for the optimal experience and benefit. When riding outside in lieu of an interval session on the trainer do your very best to match the intensity level, duration, and TSS of the intended workout. Your form on race day depends on this.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:33

Matt Eggleton

Eggleton Performance Coaching

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Sample Day 1

Tempo Intervals: 3x10

Sample Day 2

Aerobic Spin (1.0)

Sample Day 3

Tempo Intervals: 3x10

Sample Day 5

Tempo Ride (2.0)

Sample Day 6

Endurance Miles (2.0)

Sample Day 8

SweetSpot: 3x8

Sweet Spot = endurance race pace. The intent is to get you accustomed to going a little bit harder than you are used to for longer intervals.

Sample Day 9

Aerobic Spin (1.0)

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