8 hour a week base builder plan

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8 hour a week base builder plan


Max Gibbons


6 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Bike, 2 Day Off

Longest Workout

3:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling power based tss based

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This plan is an 8 hour a week training plan

This is an 8 Hour a week training plan, that spends 6 weeks focusing on building your base fitness. This plan can be used by riders at all levels who are stuck for time to train in the week and are able to get a longer ride in on the weekend.

This plan utilises effective sessions to give you the best training in the least time, With no junk miles.

This plan starts on Monday and has either 2 or 3 rest days each week, and is power based. You can reuse the plan again in the future.

You can download he sessions for each day onto your Garmin/wahoo or onto your Zwift/ trainer road.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:58

Sample Day 1

20 min FTP Basic

Todays session is an FTP test, this is to determine your FTP for the rest of the plan. it will help to make all of the training more accurate.

The session consists of;
-20 minutes easy warm up 

-3 x 1-minute wind ups with a minute rest -between (100 RPM pedal cadence)
-5 minutes easy
-5 minutes all out (hard at first, but not so hard that you can't complete the effort)
-10 minutes easy
-20-minute time trial effort (like the previous 5-minute all out effort, keep in control, hard but steady, you don't want to over cook it and die at the end)
-10 to 15 minute cool down

This session should be done on the turbo or the road, if you choose the road then make sure you pick a safe piece of road that won't have any interuptions during the test.

Sample Day 3

Over/Under Threshold Blocks

This session is an Over/under session, you should use the new FTP you got from the test on Monday.

This session will be really good to start to boost your FTP. It is important that you keep an eye on your numbers throughout this session.

The session can be done on the turbo or the road, it will probably be easier on the turbo because of the slight changes in power. If you choose to do it on the road then you should make sure its a safe piece of road.

Sample Day 4

60 min sweet spot booster 13

Aim: Aerobic engine building. Think of holding TT pace then surging to close a gap, get up over a hill or just digging in for a final effort.

5 min warm up. 5 min warm up build

3 blocks of 11 min sweet spot straight into 2 min Z5. 2 min rest between.

5 min warm down.

Sample Day 6

endurance ride

This is another 3 hour endurance ride, it is at zone 2 heart rate and can be done solo or in a group. 

On the climbs do 2x5 minute blocks spinning at 100-110RPM but stay in Zone 2 heart rate, this will be tricky but you can do it!

The aim of this ride is to build your endurance and base fitness more, all of these 3 hour ride will really pay off in the later points in season when you are still strong because you've built a good base.

Sample Day 7

2x 15 minute efforts

This session is a threshold session it consists of 2x15 minute efforts at threshold, the session looks like;
-10 minute warm up
-15 minutes at threshold
-7 minutes rest
-15 minutes at threshold
-7 minutes rest
-cool down

The aim of this session is to get you use to spending time at an uncomfortable power but one that one can sustain, it will also help to improve your sustainable power output.

You can do this session on the road or the turbo, if you choose the road make sure it is a safe one.

Sample Day 9

Aerobic Capacity First Set 1 of 5

Todays session is an aerobic capacity session, this session consists off;
-5 minutiae warm up
-5 minute ramp warm up
-3 minutes at threshold
-3 minutes rest
-5x4 minutes at 105% of ftp
-4 minutes rest between 
-5 minute cool down

These efforts aren't flat out so they won't feel very hard at the start but will get harder later in the effort and the later efforts in the session.

The aim of this session is to help push your aerobic capacity up.

This session can be done on the turbo or the road, but if you choose the road make sure its a safe one

Sample Day 10

Ramp session

Todays session is a ramp session, it has a slight variation to most ramp sessions as it has a 5 minute rest in between the 'build' and the 'decline' the session looks like;

-15 min @ 60-70 % of FTP warm up
-4 min @ 70-80 % of FTP
-4 min @ 80-90 % of FTP
-4 min @ 90-100 % of FTP
-4 min @ 100-110 % of FTP
-5 min @ 50-60 % of FTP
-4 min @ 100-110 % of FTP
-4 min @ 90-100 % of FTP
-4 min @ 80-90 % of FTP
-4 min @ 70-80 % of FTP
-10 min @ 40-50 % of FTP

The aim of this session is to improve your ability to continuealy increase power output during an effort, this will be very useful in a riding situation because you will be able to keep speeding up even when you are fatigued.

This session can be done on the turbo or the road but if you choose the road make sure you pick a safe place to do it.

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