Kilo and 500TT Sprint Program #2

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:51

This is the 2nd program for "Kilo and 500TT Sprint Program" - which is a bit heavier on the side of core strength and tolerance along with intensity.

Sample Day 1
Kilo/500 m Test

Warm up - 20-30 laps progressive on the track with 1 x flying 100m jump in a warm up gear.

1 x Flying 500m in projected race gear (male 104-112in Female 98-108 in)

1 Standing Kilo in 104in Gear

Sample Day 2
1.5 hr endurance

Sample Day 3
Revbox Kilo with Start

Max 30 seconds into 1 minute steady - we want to mimic at start and then going into the aero skis and holding the cadence.

Sample Day 4
Easy 1 hour

Sample Day 6
Start Work

Warm up
1 Block = 10 sec. 15 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds.

1 minute in-between starts

3 blocks total

with 8 minutes in-between each block to recover.

Can be done on the track or ergo - Focus on standing and hip drive spin the gear out in the first 5 seconds and hang on (53 x 15 or 92 - 95 in gear) Focus on being explosive

Sample Day 7
Cadence leg work -OUCH

Done on the trainer - CADENCE WORK

Sample Day 8
Easy 1 hour

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