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Jonathan Melville

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1 Week

Typical Week

1 Other, 6 Bike, 2 Strength

Longest Workout

4:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling beginner intermediate advanced masters power based hr based tss based strength base period

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Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 14:00

Jonathan Melville

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Sample Day 1

AE - Anaerobic Threshold and Under/Over FTP

Type: Anaerobic Endurance
CHO: Low - PFS

TU: A turbo session split into two sections, the first is aimed at the first 5 minutes of the breakaway with short but very hard effort.

Second; is an 'under-over' style interval replicating a through and off exercise when in the break.

Both improve lactic acid tolerance

Sample Day 2

Anatomical Adaptation 1

WU: AM Session
Bike 3 minutes/foam roller

- Plank ---------- 35 s x 4
- Side Plank ---- 30 s x 4**
- Static Squat -- 30 s x 3

- Lunges -------- 10 r x 4
- Leg Press ----- 6 r x 4 - 60 kg

- Leg Lifts ------- 12 r x 3
- Crunches ------ 12 r x 3
- Press Ups ------ 10 r x 3

Sample Day 2

Maximum Strength 4

WU: AM Session
Bike 3 minutes/foam roller

- Plank ------------- 45 s x 3
- TT Ski Squat ----- 30 s x 3 - 2-4 kg

- Single Leg Squat -10 r x 4
- Leg Press --------- 00 r x 4 - 20-65 kg
- Renegade Row --- 6 r x 3

- Leg Lifts -----------12 r x 3
- Crunches --------- 15 r x 3
- Kettle Bell Swings-10 r x 2

Sample Day 3

AE3 - 20:40 Sprints

Type: Anaerobic Endurance
CHO: High

HR: ... Pw: ...

RR: Complete ride in zone to for the endurance aspect. Ride set out as follows;

20 seconds sprint
40 seconds recovery
Repeat for 10 minutes

2-3 times per hour of riding.

Sample Day 4

AE10 - Double Attacks

Type: Anaerobic Endurance
CHO: Medium

HR: ... Pw: ...

RR: Ride aimed at simulating race scenarios. Complete ride in zone to for the endurance aspect. Ride set out as follows;

Plan during the ride multiple attacks of 30 second (Max effort) followed by 10 seconds rest then 30 second (Max effort)

aim to complete 5 per hour of riding on different terrains.

Sample Day 5

FW1 - Torque Climbing

Type: Force
CHO: Medium

HR: ... Pw: ...

RR: On larger climbs use big gears with an RPM between 60-70. Aimed to stay seated as much as possible. Zone 2 for duration, continues steady-state training.

Sample Day 6

AE - 1min30sec @ FTP/30sec easy

Type: Anaerobic End
CHO: Low

TU: This first workout is highly-specific to intense racing turbo work. It consists of 3x15min intervals, where each interval is made up of
1.5mins micro-intervals at threshold and 30secs at Zones 1 or 2.

Sample Week - 1 Weeks - Free Examples

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