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#OMGpower Base 123


Ole-Morten Gilbu

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21 Weeks

Plan Specs

cycling beginner intermediate advanced masters power based base period

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Plan Description

20 weeks of base with a lot of sweetspot work.
This program will give you a solid foundation to build on.
The first few weeks contain 8 hours of training.
Then there is a steady increase towards 11 hours a week.
This includes 1-2 sessions of strength and core workouts.
After completing the program you will be ready for 8 weeks with a build period before a competition period.
You will clearly notice that the body has become much more enduring after these 20 weeks of quality training. You will ride your bike more energy efficiently and you will also be stronger in the sprints.
The program is perfect for elite riders who have high ambitions but who have to train as efficiently as possible due to temporal or weather restrictions.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
7:57 hrs 2:13 hrs
1:04 hrs 0:45 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
7:57 hrs 2:13 hrs
1:04 hrs 0:45 hrs

Training Load By Week

Ole-Morten Gilbu

OMG Power

Bikerider in Sandefjord SK
Former coach in continental Team
Now coach in continental team Interpro Cycling Academy, T√łnsberg CK Elite and Sandefjord SK Elite

3rd place in Norway nationals TTT 2017 and 2018.
2nd place in Norway nationals TTT 2019.
Competitors in worlds TTT 2018

Now I can help you increase your Vo2max or FTP in only 6-8 weeks!

Sample Day 1

Test 20 min FTP

Sample Day 2

Z4 3x12 min sweetspot

Sample Day 3

Z4 5x10 min sweetspot @88-93%

Sample Day 4

Strength warm up Z2

Sample Day 4


Start with light loads and many repetitions.
3 sets:

20 squats
20 toe rise i legg press machine

Do core workouts between sets.

Sample Day 6

Z4 3x20 min sweetspot 88%

Sample Day 7

Z4 3x12 min sweetspot

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