Phil's BASE TO RACE Intermediate Century/Gran Fondo + Email Access to Coach. 32 Week.

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:38
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:38
Training Load By Week

A training plan for ambitious amateur cyclists with limited time to train.
Get in peak shape for a Century or Gran Fondo cycling event from 4 or 5 rides p/wk!

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What Our Clients Say

"After following your plan I got 2nd in my AG and 5th fastest bike split out of over 300. I was 7 mins faster than last year!" ​Nick Goldston, 2018​​

"I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying the plan. It’s amazing to know what I’m doing weeks in advance!" Rachel Kjearsgaard, April 2018

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Is This Plan For You?

This plan is designed to get you in peak shape for a Century, Gran Fondo or Sportive. It is also suitable for multi-day events. Workouts can be exported to your devices. Compatible with Zwift, Garmin, Wahoo, Trainer Road, Cyclops and more. There are 4 or 5 rides, a strength session and 1 or 2 days off each week. Shorter rides are mid-week, with longer rides at weekends. FTP tests are scheduled regularly as well as active recovery weeks. To be successful with this plan you should already be riding 3 times per week and able to ride 1:40 non-stop. Guidance is provided for Power, Heart Rate or Feel.Still not sure? We will happily switch your plan within 14 days of purchase.

Phil Mosley: Coach & Athlete

I have over 20 years of experience successfully helping amateur athletes surpass their goals, while making sure they have quality time available for family, friends and career. I started My Pro Coach to offer the world's most comprehensive range of training plans designed to help you enjoy the same success that my athletes and I have - at an affordable price.

Onboarding Emails: During checkout you can check a box to share your email address with Coach Phil Mosley. This enables me to send you a series of 5 helpful emails to get you started. You can also reply to me if ever you need help.

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Sample Day 2
Fitness Test: FTP and Threshold HR

This fitness test helps you update your power and heart rate thresholds for Training Peaks.

Warm Up:
15 mins in Z2, 
5 mins as (15 secs in Z4 + 45 secs easy in Z2).

Main Set:
20 mins maximal steady state time trial. Go as hard as you can sustain for 20-minutes.

Warm Down:
10 mins in Z2.

Note: Alternatively, if you have a bike training device with its own "FTP" test protocol, you could use that instead.

TIP: Have a fan and/or air conditioning, so that heat stress is not a limiting factor for this test.

Sample Day 3
Strength & Conditioning Workout

Please click on the link below for your guide to the strength and conditioning workouts. Strength and Conditioning will help maintain your muscle mass and these specific exercises are designed to improve the economy of your cycling performance.

Sample Day 4
M.A.P Efforts

M.A.P stands for Maximal Aerobic Power. It refers to the power output you can ride while at your maximal rate of oxygen consumption. These workouts include efforts that are at or just below your M.A.P.
Warm Up:
12 mins in Z2,
5 x (10 secs in Z5 + 50 secs in low Z2),
3 mins in Z2.

Main Set:
4 x (2 mins in Z5 + 3 min recoveries in low Z2).

Warm Down:
8 mins in low Z2.

Sample Day 6
Aerobic Endurance Ride

Ride at an easy/steady intensity, mainly in Z2 today. You should be able to chat at this intensity. This ride will improve your efficiency for using fat for fuel and increase your ability to transport oxygen to your working muscles.

Warm Up:
20 mins in low Z2.

Main Set:
30 mins in upper Z2.

Warm Down:
10 mins in low Z2.

Sample Day 7
Aerobic Endurance Ride

Ride mainly in Z2 today. You should be able to maintain conversation at this intensity.

Sample Day 9
Sub Threshold, Low Cadence Efforts.

Think of this like a bike-specific gym strength workout. It will increase cycling related leg-strength which will help you get more power out of each pedal stroke.
Warm Up:
10 mins in Z2,
5 x (15 secs in upper Z3 + 45 secs in low Z2).

Main Set: 
7,6,5 mins in upper Z3 at 60-70 RPM + 2 min recoveries in low Z2 at 80-100 RPM.

Warm Down:
8 mins in low Z2.

Sample Day 10
Strength & Conditioning Workout

If you haven't already done so:

Please click link below for your essential Guide to Strength & Conditioning. PDF, 599KB.

Phil Mosley
My Pro Coach

I have 20 years experience of helping amateur athletes surpass their goals, while still making sure they have quality time available for family, friends and career. As a parent who works for a living, I know how challenging this can be.

My training plans are intelligently designed around a typical work week. I set proven, time-efficient workouts in mid-week, with longer aerobic workouts at the weekends. This gives you the structure and consistency you need to continually improve.