ErgVideo ADVANCED competitor build & peak - 12 weeks


Paul Smeulders

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

6 Bike

Longest Workout

2:26 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling advanced masters power based

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This plan is 12 weeks of training to prepare you for a road or mountain bike racing event. It is a build and peak phase that assumes you have completed base or power-foundation training. The weekly time averages ~9hrs/week and has 5 sessions per week. This plan is your final training phase before racing season, and it will have you ready to rock in your first road or mountain bike racing event.

This plan is marked ADVANCED and is for the experienced rider. It has only a slightly higher time-volume than other plans, but achieves a higher Training Stress Score (TSS) per week by using higher intensity workouts rather than longer sessions.

If you start this plan on a Sunday, you will have a ride each day on weekends, rides on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You'll have Monday and Friday off for recovery, to do other activities or to do just a fun ride.

Every session in this plan comes complete with a power vs time profile that can be ridden using the free ErgVideo software*. When the workout is loaded with the "Get TrainingPeaks workout of the day" button, ErgVideo will look-up which video-based workouts are directly compatible with your workout in terms of length, intensity, intervals, and training metrics. It will show you at least one, often several different ErgVideo rides to meet the same training objectives!

You can choose to ride against the graphical profile directly in free-mode (no ErgVideo subscription required...yes, it's free!), or with a subscription, choose an ErgVideo session that's synchronized your workout. See ErgVideo's help page on using training plans from TrainingPeaks for more information.

Get the free ErgVideo software at the ErgVideo website.

*all sessions except the threshold test can be ridden in ErgVideo free mode. A subscription to ErgVideo also includes two awesome FTP test videos, making your test procedure turn-key, simple, and above all motivating!


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:51

Paul Smeulders, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Each workout in my plans has a complete power vs. time profile that can be ridden in ErgVideo's completely free mode. Moreover, ErgVideo will automatically present 1 to several different video-based sessions that follow similar power profile, train the same physical attributes, and yield the same TrainingPeaks metrics like Tss, IF, NP etc. With an ErgVideo subscription, you choose from any of the presented "Training Objective Equivalents" to ride your workout with a synchronized ErgVideo.

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Sample Day 1


Warmup + TMPO-SST-EuroClimbShortSwitchbacksBursty_1hr. Simulates switchbacks and extra power to push through.

Sample Day 3


Warmup + FRC_ALC-6x(6x(40s+20s))_130.
Fatigue Resistance Capacity/Anaerobic Lactic Capacity intervals
These are 40/20s aka Tabata.

Sample Day 3


Active recovery for 30 minutes. The ErgVideo session will show variation within the zone. The profile shown in TrainingPeaks is representative of the average power and to correctly reflect planned metrics.

Sample Day 4


Warmup + 4x20minute smooth paceline simulation at SST, with 6-riders in the line timings. You "pull" for 15 seconds out of every 1:15minutes.

Sample Day 5


Warmup + FRC_VO2_3x(8x(1min+2min))_125
Fatigue Resistance Capacity/VO2max intervals

Sample Day 7


Warmup + 1.5 hrs crossing between TMPO and SST zones. ErgVideo session will show power variation in the zone.
The profile shown in TrainingPeaks is representative of the average power and to correctly reflect planned metrics.

Sample Day 8


Warmup + 5x15minute smooth paceline simulation, with a 4-riders in the line timings. You "pull" for 15 seconds out of every minute.

ErgVideo ADVANCED competitor build & peak - 12 weeks

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