3-4 Months to Marathon Mountain Bike - ~8hrs a week - incl. Strength/Gym

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:01
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:01
Training Load By Week

3-4 Months to Marathon Mountain Bike - ~8hrs a week - incl. Strength/Gym

This Plan is meant to progress you towards a long / marathon/endurance Mountain bike race (>2.5hrs)

Key races planned for weeks 13 and 16. 2-3 low priority races are included with optional workouts if not a race week for you.

Gym Sessions (Max Strength) are planned in most weeks and adjusted around race weeks.

Mountain bike oriented workouts including technical and climbing focused workouts.

Road riding (Can be a path or flat trail/road on an MTB) are included

Guidance for recovery and yoga are included

Feel free to email peterglassford@gmail.com to see if this plan will work for you or to inquire about 100% MAde for You 3-Month Training plans for only $99 Canadian.

Sample Day 6
easy rec spin + prep bike

easy spin today. Include a 1-5 x 30sec spinups to max RPM to get activated. These are done by spinning 10sec fast / 10sec faster / 10sec max RPM (by feel). Gearing should be easier. The last couple spinups can be a bit harder but keep focus on very high and smooth RPM. The Overall RPE of ride very low Additionally, use today to make sure bike is 100% ready to go for upcoming training and/or races

Sample Day 7
'Strava Test' -> Time yourself up to local climbs

Today your goal is to find (or return to) 2 local climbs you can time yourself up. This helps us see if you are improving.
(*note you don't need strava, just time yourself from a point and note the time to get to top of hill)

Make sure you warmup well, at least 15 minutes with 3-5 x 30sec at approximately your goal pace for the hill. These can be done on the way to the hill and/or on flat.

make them repeatable climbs . on road is best or a trail that isn't super susceptible to rain/mud.

aim for a 3min one and one that is 3-5min

Go easy for 5-10 min between

Sample Day 8
MAF Test - 30min sub max HR for Distance

* on trainer or around a 2-10min loop to see how far you go in 30min at a SUBMAXIMAL HR - *You will ride at or just below Maf HR. => MafHR is 180-AGE, add 5bpm if over 20 years old and you have been training for more then 3 years. * USE PAST MAF HR IF HAVE DONE BEFORE - WU: Slowly build HR to your Goal MaF HR over 20-30min. A few short activation sprints <10sec great. - MAIN WO: = Once you are just under MAF HR Press LAP on your device and start the 30min effort - Ride 3 x 10min LAPS (use lap button to average) - = Your only goal is to keep HR 0-3bpm UNDER the Maf HR , back off if you are at MAF HR - = WE Expect the speed/wattage to drop each Lap over the 30min . Do not fight this or stress ! - CD: = Finish time easy endurance - - POST : Please post the values for each Lap: - AVG HR / Speed / Distance / Watts / Cadence 1) 145bpm / 30km/hr / 3km / 200w / 90rpm 2) 145bpm / 29km/hr / 2.7km / 190w / 88rpm 3) ...

Sample Day 9
Max Strength - Squat

Exercise examples:
-Email if questions please
wu: active flex / practice reps/sets for main lift
-> Side plank, band sideways walking, glute raise, bird dog, dead bugs etc.
1) squat+row+mobility)
a)Squat 3 x 4-6 reps (2+ wu sets at lighter weight)
-> front, back, goblet as skill allows ... work on range of motion and form, slow 2-3 count on down and 1 count up, speed maintained thru last rep, minimal grinding.
b) TRX or Cable or Bent Row 5-10 reps
c) Shoulder mobility, hip mobility for 2-5 bw
2) 1 leg / unilateral 2-3 rounds. 8-12 reps
a) Bugarian Split Squat w. back foot Elevated-
b) Pushup or one arm bench w. dumbbells-
c) Plank 1min

3) Overhead/Grip (2-4 rounds)
- Farmers carry - walk w. 2 heavy dumbells for 20-40meters
- max pullups/chinups (alternate)
- overhead press - 1 arm, in Lunge Position

-> walking or easy spin on bike 5-20 min

Sample Day 10
Your Choice !

FOCUS: Having fun and doing what seems right to you today. Some freedom from structure is rejuvenating. MainWO: Take today as you feel can be ride , hard-easy , long-short ... or crosstrain or off ! CD: Make sure to tell me about your day in detail .

Sample Day 10
MTB Tempo - 2 x 10min <85%

WU: ensure you spend some time on road to get coordinated and warm before going offroad
find a big mtb climb and go up it steady effort under 85% MHR (intervals as per Title)
Recover 3-5 min break every 10 min approx as terrain allows .
focus on strong posture and cadence
rest of ride can be descent / cornering practice at endurance RPE
FINISH TIME endurance pace mtb or road depending how you feel, make sure to spin out on road after riding offroad

Sample Day 11
Road Endurance - Flat to Rolling

Flat to Rolling Terrain - Aim to be pedaling all ride. - Avoid coasting and big drops/spikes in HR - Limit efforts to 8/10 (ie. not sprinting) and try to match this with <80% MHR. Starting to notice your breath deepening or quickening is a good indicator you are leaving desired range. - overall RPE of ride should be 6-7/10 and average HR in 65-75% Max HR - limit muscular fatigue due to pushing at top of endurance zone the whole time or from hills or from hard efforts or from low rpm.

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