The Art of Peaking - Race week

Average Weekly Training Hours 06:00
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 06:00
Training Load By Week

A one week race week plan for cyclists - This plan is attached to the "Art of Peaking" article in order to help better understand race week preparations for a peak event. This plan is only one example of a race week plan but a good guide to follow. This one week plan can be used by both road and mountain bike cyclists.

Sample Day 2

EXPLOSIVE 30-60 SECOND EFFORTS FOLLOWED BY STEADY SPIN IN THE ZONE 3 HR RANGES - Warm up as always and ride into the zone 1-2 ranges today to check bio feedback - If you are feeling higher than normal fatigue, back off and take more time warming up - When you feel it, shift into a gear that provides a little force, and then hammer it like a sprint off the line, and work into a 30-60 second effort, achieving a fast cadence on a short climb, short steeps on the trail/road or on the flats into the upper 4 and 5a HR ranges - FOCUS MORE ON THE EFFORT AND LESS ON HR OR POWER FOR THESE - After each effort, keep the legs spinning and maintain a zone 3 pace for an additional 3-5 minutes - Recover after each of these sequences for at least 7-10 minutes but longer if needed - Group a few efforts closer together today, and a few further apart - Aim for 4-5 of these efforts today

Sample Day 3

KEEP IT EASY TODAY AND SPIN IN THE ZONE 1-2 RANGE - WORK WITH A NATURAL, FLUID CADENCE - keep today to a steady easy spin in the Zone 1-2 ranges - Spin where you feel comfortable and with a deep breath. Try to work as steady as you can.

Sample Day 4

WORK RACE PACE/THRESHOLD EFFORTS, SEATED AND STANDING, USING SEATED FAST SPIN AT TIMES AND BIG GEAR FORCE AT TIMES - Warm up today into zones 1-2 for the first 10-20 minutes - If experiencing a high PE or greater fatigue, add more warm up and work less efforts today - Try to work each effort seated and standing today with a good mix - Then, choose a section of road or trail (depending on type or race) and work into a fast paced 30-60 second threshold/race pace effort into the upper end of zone 4, and 5A HR range - DON'T WORRY ABOUT HR OR POWER AS MUCH FOR THESE EFFORTS, JUST WORK INTO A FAST THRESHOLD EFFORT, LIKE YOU ARE GAPING ANOTHER RIDER IN A RACE - Spin easy for a minute or two and then repeat for a round of two efforts - After each round, sit and spin light on the pedals in the zone 1-2 ranges - Spin for 7-10 plus minutes between each round of efforts - goal is 3-4 rounds today

Sample Day 6

KEEP IT EASY TODAY AND SPIN IN THE ZONE 1-2 RANGE FOR MOST OF THE DAY - ADD A FEW VERY SHORT 10-15 SEC SPRINTS TODAY - Warm up and check to see how your feeling once you spin into the zone 2 range today. before working efforts, achieve a fluid spin and good feel first - keep most of the spin in the zone 1-2 ranges - When your feeling it, stand or sit and hammer it into a short 10-15 sec sprint - Don't worry about HR or power, just focus on a fast effort - Spin easy for a minute and then repeat - Completely recover after each round for 5-10 minutes in zone 1-2 and spin easy - Work a handful of efforts today, 3-6 rounds, and then spin it home easy

Mike Schultz, CSCS
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