Get Fast Now! 2018 Customized Training Plan (iLevels optional) )with Email Support

Average Weekly Training Hours 10:18
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 10:18
Training Load By Week

This is a customized training plan that I will develop exclusively for you. The plan will be built as 7 weeks. Week 4 is a easy recovery week that is more than just a few easy rides. It will be full of quality and variety. After all, at zone 1 we need something to keep us interested.
I will need a few pieces of information from you so I can lay out a great 7 weeks for you. Items such as your recent FTP test file, your current TSB, CTL, ATL, and a handful of questions I will email you. If you use WKO4 you have the new iLevels that are specific to you. This is an option for WKO4 users. Sharing your TrainingPeaks data is the absolute best way for me to get a full view of your riding and racing history and current fitness. There is a 'share' option in your account page.
Plan ahead for this custom plan. I will need a period of about 3-10 days to get it completely set up and ready for you after collecting the data that I need. The first week's workouts will be up within a day.
Contact me with any questions at

Sample Day 2
FTP Shots!

FTP Shots. Short above FTP intervals with minimal recovery. Duration goes from long to short, but watts go higher as you progress. Total of 33 minutes continuous on and off intervals. End with 12 minutes at Sweet Spot (SST). You will really be feeling the early work.

Sample Day 3
Tempo 2 x 20

Warm Up 15 minutes. Then do 2 x 20 minutes at Tempo watts. 8 minutes easy between each effort. If you are feeling strong go ahead and do a straight 40 minutes.

Sample Day 4
McCarthy Build Up

So may riders saw this incredibly hard workout on Zwift and failed in their attempts. This is step 1 in a build for riders to reach their goal. This is just a great workout to include during this plan.

Sample Day 5
One Leggers & Fast Pedaling Active Recovery Day

10 x 1 minute one leg pedaling intervals switching legs every minute. No rest between, just enough time to clip in and unclip other foot. Form very critical. Picture a box. Push your foot across the top, down the front, across bottom, unweighted leg on back of box. MOST important is across top and start down stroke at 1 o'clock position all the way down to 5 o'clock position.
Then 10 minutes at mid Zone 2.
Now do 10 x 1 min fast pedaling with cadence at 100+ at 75% FTP. Take 1 mins easy between each.

Sample Day 6
Sweet Spot 3 x 12 +45 Endurance

Warm up 15 mins, easy spin progressing to top of Zone 3 by the end of the warm up. Give yourself 3 minutes easy spinning before starting efforts.
Now do 3 x 12 minutes at SST.
Spin easy for 5 mins between efforts.
Finish the workout with 45 minutes riding Zone 2.
Cool down 5 mins.

Sample Day 7
Power and Fast Cadence

A problem I see many, many times is a rider can produce great watts, but in a race the athlete gets caught up in the moment and for some reason (we all do it) we let our cadence get out of control. Riding 230 watts at 92 rpm is a whole lot different than 230 watts at 100 to 105 rpm. This workout addresses the issue. The work today will be riding at higher power and higher cadence than you are use to. After riding this workout once or twice per week for 3 to 6 weeks you will discover that your respiration rate is no longer taking you out of the game.

Sample Day 7
Endurance/Tempo Ride

Today's goal is to build up your aerobic capacity, which will be done by riding at at endurance/tempo pace.
Warm up 15 minutes
1.5 hours of riding with watts in Upper Endurance/Lower Tempo zone Keep cadence in the 90-95 rpm range.
Cool down 10 minutes of easy riding, then stretch.

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