Get Fast Now! 2019 Customized Training Plan (iLevels optional) with Email Support

Average Weekly Training Hours 10:18
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 10:18
Training Load By Week

Designed Exclusively for you.This is a customized training plan that I will develop just for you.

The plan is built by USA Level II Cycling Coach and Cat II road cyclist Paul Ozier. Paul has over 25 years of racing experience and more than 15 years as a cycling coach. Athletes coached by Paul have excelled to new levels, set personal bests, won races for their first time, and taken home Silver and Gold medals in state championships.

Plan ahead for this custom plan. I will need a period of about 3-10 days to get it completely set up and ready for you after collecting the data that I need. The first week's workouts will be up within a day.

I will need a few pieces of information from you so I can lay out a great 7 weeks for you. Items such as your recent FTP test file, your current TSB, CTL, ATL, and a handful of questions I will email you. If you use WKO4 you have the new iLevels that are specific to you. This is an option for WKO4 users. Sharing your TrainingPeaks data is the absolute best way for me to get a full view of your riding and racing history and current fitness. There is a 'share' option in your account page.

This is a 7 week plan. The plan will be built as 7 weeks. Week 4 is a easy recovery week that is more than just a few easy rides. It will be full of quality and variety. After all, at zone 1 we need something to keep us interested. This plan can be repeated using your newest training power zones. Rest 1 - 2 weeks with easier rides and shorter intensity between repeating.

We recommend you have the following abilities before beginning this plan:
Cycling 2-3+ hours
Road racing and/or criterium race experience

Workout Files. On most workouts will be a downloadable file. These can be used on Zwift, ERG Video, Trainer Road and most other training software. Also .FIT files can be loaded on your Garmin to use as a workout on the road.

Benefits of a High Power Coaching Training Plan:
- All plans have a 100% Money Back Guarantee
- Training plans are reusable; tweak your FTP settings and train again at your new found level
- Email access to the coach
- We build plans for athletes of all abilities and experience

You have complete email access to the coach -


Sample Day 1
Tempo 2 x 20

Warm Up 15 minutes. Then do 2 x 20 minutes at Tempo watts. 8 minutes easy between each effort. If you are feeling strong go ahead and do a straight 40 minutes.

Sample Day 4
Sweet Spot 3 x 12 +45 Endurance

Warm up 15 mins, easy spin progressing to top of Zone 3 by the end of the warm up. Give yourself 3 minutes easy spinning before starting efforts.
Now do 3 x 12 minutes at SST.
Spin easy for 5 mins between efforts.
Finish the workout with 45 minutes riding Zone 2.
Cool down 5 mins.

Sample Day 12
End of Week #2

Sample Day 19
End of Week #3

Sample Day 26
End of Week #4

Sample Day 33
End of Week #5

Sample Day 47
Last Day of 7 Week Plan

Paul Ozier
Elite Coach @ Peaks Coaching Group

Hindsight is 20/20. "If I knew then, what I know now, I would have been light years ahead of the game”. I am here to help and share the knowledge, lessons, and skills I have learned over the last 30 years so you do not have to spend years with trial and error, hoping to get better.

Specializing in: Road Racing, Criterium, Mountain Biking, Gran Fondo, Centuries, Zwift Racing. Plans for all abilities and experience levels from Beginners, Seasoned Riders, Masters, and Pro.