Winter Base HR & Power (Gym + Run)


Andrew Roche

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 2 Strength, 4 Bike, 1 Run

Longest Workout

3:45 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling base period power based

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This plan is aimed at the rider who would like some structure to follow through the winter months including 2 gym workouts, and 1 run per week.
This will ensure the body stays in good condition and will target building your threshold at a gradual pace.

There is a nice balance of time to allow the full time worker to fit the workouts in without tipping the balance the wrong way.
There is a mixture of bike, and gym work.

The bike sessions can be done indoor or outdoor with the midweek sessions mainly aimed at turbo use to avoid the dark nights.
Any terrain can be used as there is specific work in each workout to fit varied terrain.
Weekend rides have an outline for you to follow which can fit in with riding with friends or a group, have your friends join in on some of the workouts to challenge each other.

The key here is consistency, once you can stay fairly consistent with the plan then the fitness will come.


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:54
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:54
Average Weekly Breakdown

Andrew Roche

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Sample Day 1

weights 1 rep max new

use tonight to find your 1 rep max for all the weight exercises. Lift the heaviest weight you think you can manage for as many reps as you can manage, so you're roughly aiming for a weight you can only manage about 3-5 reps with. Do only 1 set for these, make a note of the weight and reps to work out the 1 rep max for each. Click on paperclip icon above for program.

Sample Day 2

Threshold Test

This is used to determine your Lactate threshold heart rate.
It's important to get switched on mentally, and give your all for the 20 minute test.
Record your weight first thing in the morning, as well as your resting heart rate.
Warm up well, and try to always use the same warm up routine for each test.
I would recommend a 20 minute warm up, with 5 mins easy, 5 mins tempo low cadence, 5 mins tempo high cadence, then 5 mins easy.
Spin the legs out nice and easy for at least 10 mins after the test.
The average you hold for the 20 minutes will be used as your LThr, put this number in to your settings in zones on training peaks and calculate the zones by selecting Joe Friels cycling zones (7).

Sample Day 3

Weights Cycling month 1

Be sure to keep good form, this is more important than lifting too heavy and having a jerky motion. Each set should feel hard for the last rep, but not to the point of failure. If in doubt over how to do any exercises please ask a member of staff to explain. Recovery is between 1 and 2 minutes between each set. Warm up on cardio equiptment to start, the treadmill is a good one to warm up all the muscle groups. 15-20 minutes. Stretch at the end of the session.

Sample Day 3

20 minutes in heart rate zone 3.

You can use this as your warm up run on the treadmill before the gym session or split the session and do the run separate to the gym.

BT: Tempo. Warm up and then 20 minutes zone 3 heart rate continuous. Mostly flat. Heart rate will fall on downhills--that's OK.

Sample Day 4


NIce easy spin, small chainring.

Sample Day 5

3x10 zone 4 LThr zone 3 power

Warm up 20-30 minutes then do the 3x10 zone 4 HR intervals, or zone 3 power. Build steady into the zone, so don't worry if it takes upto a couple of minutes until you arrive in the correct zone.
Try to keep the cadence over 90 RPM, even on gradual hills, so use the gears accordingly.
4 minutes rest between each one.

Sample Day 6

Group ride

Upto 3 hours on your local group ride. These rides are good for learning group riding skills so you are comfortable in bunch events.
Use a high cadence when sitting in the group and lift the pace up to zone 3 when doing your turn on the front.
Practice a mixture of seated and standing climbs.

Winter Base HR & Power (Gym + Run)

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