Time Trial Tune-up - 7 weeks


Al Senft


7 Weeks

Typical Week

7 Bike, 1 Other

Longest Workout

2:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling time trialing

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This 7 week plan is designed for experienced cyclists and triathletes who train with power, but also can be used by athletes that use heart rate, or perceived exertion in their training. We have provided testing protocol and explained how to set your training zones within TrainingPeaks. This will allow you to maximize your training time by performing workouts at proper intensity.This is not a plan for the faint of heart. The goal of this plan is to increase your lactate threshold power and incorporates workouts. If you want to take it to the next level and ready to put in the work, then this is your plan. Be ready for some unique workouts, be ready for some hard workouts and be ready to do the workouts. You'll need between 8 and 12 hours a week to play with in order to get all of the work done in this plan.Get this plan now and I know you'll enjoy the guidance, workouts and plan as it will bring more focus to your workouts.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:30

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Sample Day 1

Endurance Ride

Do 1-2hrs of easy to moderate riding. Include 2-3 x 3 min hard (talking should be difficult efforts).

Sample Day 2

20 min Threshold Power test

Test protocol:
20min moderate pace
3x1min high cadence efforts w/ 1min rest
5min easy
5min all out effort
10min recovery
20min TT effort - remember to pace this well and not go out too hard. Finish strong and go as hard as you can for the entire effort
15-30min easy riding

After completion of the workout download the data and determine the average power for the 20 min test effort. Functional Threshold Power (FTP) = 20min Avg Power x 0.95.

The plan has been written using Coggan power zones and are as follows:
Active Recovery (AR): <55% of FTP
Endurance (E): 56-75% of FTP
Tempo (T): 76-90% of FTP
Sub-Lactate Treshold (SubLT): 88-94% of FTP
Lactate Threshold (LT): 95-105% of FTP
VO2 Max (VOMax): 106-120% of FTP
Anaerobic Capacity (AC): 121-150% of FTP

Sample Day 3

Active Recovery

Do 1hr of riding in Active Recovery Zone (<55% of FTP; <68% of FTHR; RPE of <2).

Sample Day 4

Endurance Ride

Do 1-2hr of riding in Endurance Zone (56-75% of FTP; 69-83% of FTHR; RPE of 2-3).

Sample Day 5

LT efforts on TT bike

Do 1-1.5 hr ride on your TT bike. During this time do a 5min hard effort (in Tempo and Threshold zone) to open legs and then do 3x10min Threshold zone (91-105% of FTP; 95-105% of FTHR; RPE of 4-5) with 5 min rest between efforts.

Sample Day 6

Endurance Ride

Do 2+hr of riding in Endurance Zone (56-75% of FTP; 69-83% of FTHR; RPE of 2-3).

Sample Day 7

Endurance w/SubLT

Endurance Ride w/ SubLT efforts. Do 2-3hrs of riding in Endurance Zone (56-75% of FTP; 69-83% of FTHR; RPE of 2-3). Include 2x15min SubLT efforts (88-94% of FTP; 95-98% of FTHR; RPE of 3-5) during the ride.

Time Trial Tune-up - 7 weeks

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